P-Bandai: Gundam Duel Company 01 - Release Info

Gundam Duel Company official facebook page just announced this new evolution of card game!

Philippines/ Japan/ Hong Kong/ Taiwan Card Game

P-Bandai: Gundam Duel Company Card sets
Japan Release Date: June 2014
Philippine Release Date: July 25, 2014
Hong Kong Release Date: June 2014
Taiwan Release Date: July 25, 2014
Price: 300 Yen each pack (contains 3 cards) . 6,000 Yen per box

Each box contains 20 packs or 60 cards. Collect all 103 unique cards including the super rare cards!

A total of 103 kinds (66 mobile suits, 37 pilots)

R1 - common card tier 1
R2 - common card tier 2
R3 - rare card
R4 - high rarity card
R5 - highest rarity card

Exclusive Overseas Promotion! Limited Box Promo Cards!

From 25th of July 2014 onwards, with every purchase of a box of GUNDAM: DUEL COMPANY 01, players will receive two promotional cards, randomly inserted into the box(1 Zaku card and 1 Gundam card, total of 12 kinds to collect!)

Also!You can receive either a Guncannon 109 Unit, Guntank or Zaku II Char Aznable Type card from the shop, with every box purchase!

※Limited promotional cards are available, while stocks last! - gundam.info

a total of 103 cards in first series. visit their official website at gundam-dc.com
more info will be provided later.

This game will be available in these countries
  • Japan
  • Philippines
  • Taiwan
  • Hong Kong

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