Live-Action Gundam to Happen (Rumor) - More like Another Great Mecha Film

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All Gundam fans are all crossing their fingers and wishing that this rumor would come to reality.

Though this news might calm you a little bit from your agony.

As anime director Yoshiyuki Tomino and chairman at (Ookashi Okorusama) announced recently in January 2014 that his company is going to team up with Legacy Effects (the company behind the Pacific Rim, Avatar, and Iron Man and other great CGI movies that we've already seen).

Even though Tomino didn't mention anything about the movie that he is about to make with Legacy Effects, rumors have started to scatter around the world that he (Tomino) will be going to be doing some Gundam or any Japanese related mecha movie like Voltes V animated CGI film with them.

Tomino also stated a vague announcement in January that he is considering to remake a past work for this first project with Legacy Effects.

Well, think of his past works and conclude this in your own thoughts, this is just a 30% possible Gundam movie, this could be another mecha film that would touch NOT only Gundam fans. Here's one fact about him (he loves to connect his works not only with adults but also with children)

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