RG 1/144 Strike Rouge + HG IWSP review by

another review of Premium Bandai Exclusive GunPla! I recently got this nice RG kit couple of days ago and really excited about the kit.

I like the new gray color that Bandai provided for the IWSP pack, it is darker than the HG one. The whole kit is a remold of RG 1/144 Aile Strike Gundam and HG Strike Rouge IWSP (for the backpack). Bandai provided 2 sheets of decals for Strike unit and IWSP unit to make it more believable and more RG like model kit.

The decals on the IWSP pack is really amazing, even though it is very simple, it gave the kit a more appealing image.

I am kind of disappointed on the weight issue of the IWSP pack when trying to make the Strike Rouge stand. But once you get it in position, it will stay like that forever (except when you shake it though :P )

I had fun building it. I didn't have the normal release RG 1/144 Aile Strike Gundam yet because I am waiting for the HG 1/144 Perfect Strike Gundam to be released and buy them both for the extra Battery Recharge pack and put it with the RG ver.

The kit has huge amount of articulation and I am really happy about that! no too much falling parts except for the side and front skirts likes to keep falling when trying to bend the legs and twist the body, but other than that everything stays perfect like they are glued together.

Also happy about the 2 shades of pink and white, that provided the kit more details and more realistic feel.

Banda also provided the HG stickers for the IWSP pack to make some separation of white from gray parts on the backpack.

The Katanas are great! easy to put into the hands even they are just High Grades. also the "Midas Messer" Beam Boomerang is great as the 2 Katanas


  • articulation is superb! (I really like the first pose that I made!)
  • color separation is fantastic (always love the color separation of kits, they just simply add more details to the kit)
  • extra decals for IWSP = outstanding details when applied (decals always put some awesomeness to the kit, don't ask why)
  • weight issues (but as I said above, it can be resolved when in proper position)
  • only one value of gray for IWSP pack ( I am just disappointed because bandai should have included 2 shades to make it more RG like, but anyway...that's why they invented paint ^_^ )
  • it came with SOME of the Aile Strike attachment parts but didn't include everything so it was just a waste of runners ( I might use them for kit bash)

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