Minecraft x Gundam Ptolemaios produced by FlashtT

CBS-70 Ptolemaios

Ptolemaios is Celestial Being's (CB's) tactical mobile suit (MS) carrier. Like all CB-built units, it's reliant on GN Particles, however, it doesn't have its own GN Drive. It instead taps into a large internal particle storage tank that's periodically recharged by a Gundam's GN Drive. Because Ptolemy wasn't made to be a warship, it has no built-in weapons. While it may not be formidable in combat, it has its own defense systems and equipment to operate and survive in combat situations.

Externally, Ptolemy was built with a large rotatable peripheral docking ring. The ring itself has 4 docking ports. Each of the ports are docked with MS Containers that contains units GN-001 - GN 005. Ptolemy was designed to be compact and economic of its size, therefore the Gundams utilize only a single linear catapult (a MS launcher that uses magnetics). The catapult's opening is on top of Ptolemy. Whenever a Gundam needs to sortie, the docking ring would rotate the specific Gundam on top and slide it down from the container to launch from the forward ship hatch.

Each of the MS Containers were designed with their own propulsion system, powered by GN particles. While docked, they help provide additional propulsion power and siphon GN particles from the Gundams to help recharge Ptolemy. A power connector in each of the docking bays allows Ptolemy to connect to the GN Drives within the Gundams to recharge. When all 4 Gundams are launched from the ship, the amount of energy available is severely limited. It's why at least one Gundam must periodically return or remain on standby to ensure particle reserves are optimal.

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