HG 1/144 0Z-005/RX-P GUNDAM PHALANX customized build by GKC

HG 1/144 0Z-005/RX-P GUNDAM PHALANX customized build by GKC

box art made by Gundamkitscollection.com

Hi everyone! I've been doing a spring cleaning earlier today and I found a spare tallgeese body and epyon parts in my toolbox so I've decided to do some kit bashing. This is my first kit bash so far and I really enjoyed building it, inspired by early medieval soldier squad called Phalanx. BTW Thanks to Adrian Velmark Tempra for looking for the right name for this bad boy :D 

and the final name is 0Z-005/RX-P GUNDAM PHALANX!
after spending my time deciding what color to use and buying florescent paints, finally! the kit is done :D
I am very happy with the color scheme and it always reminds me of tallgeese I.

I used

  • 1/144 NG Epyon
  • 1/144 HG Tallgeese III
  • 1/144 NG Abyss Gundam
  • 1/144 Shining Gundam Grade Up part
the process went too fast because I have bunch of spare parts in my toolbox. I just took some spare polycaps and random parts of gunpla I find.

I am really happy with the outcome and I am thinking of priming the whole kit then think of a color scheme.

Thanks for viewing!

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