Gogo Model RX-93-v2 1/100 Hi-V (nu) E.V.O review

well it has been a while since I showed some official images, here is the review for Gogo Model RX-93-v2 1/100 Hi-V (nu) E.V.O.. It is a very big kit! with big box [thought it didn't come with the box when I bought it :( ]
This model was from the VP (Vicious Project) resin conversion kit for BANDAI's MG 1/100 HI-v Gundam.
Gogo have copied the molds of resin and produced a plastic model kit.

The whole kit took me 9 hours to build, didn't even had the chance to panel line it or even put the decals... I am still on my planing process on which I am deciding if I am going to put the shading.

the kit has 23 runners/trees including the base stand.

  • very high detailed kit, very mechanical feel VS BANDAI's OVA kit
  • kit came with lots of gimmicks and extra parts to use for future modifications like extra leg parts ( just in case you broke some) but the extra parts are not the same as the original ones so you may need to do some modifications too.
  • a very accurate and proportioned model kit.
  • articulation is really good
  • huge model kit, it stands about 2 tins of Pop!
  • lots of gimmicks, like Fin Funnel effects, open able hatches on legs, pilot inside the cockpit :D
  • legs have lots of mechanism going on, bendable up to 180 degrees
  • easy to remove nubs
  • color separation is really good ^_^
  • comes with an action base and water slide decals
  • fragile plastics, please be careful when building it especially when trying to snap the shoulder join into arms ( I already broke the peg of the left arm! it took me forever to fix it and it still falls down)
  • hard to snap together parts! I had to cut some pegs and made them smaller to make them fit together
  • hip armor keeps falling down
  • heavy weight on the back, it can not stand without any support on the back
  • some parts are falling off when trying to pose the model kit

Thanks for viewing!



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