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February 05, 2014

When I first came into this hobby I bought many GunPlas that was ridiculously overpriced. Then couple of months ago, by browsing the the what they call the awesome Google I found out that I was spending twice as much for a gunpla, so I cried million buckets of tears and said to myself "I WILL NEVER EVER EVER BUY FROM MALL GUNPLA SELLERS AGAIN".

I went to the mall hobby shop "again" to remember the days... and I was really surprised that they are still continuing the stocks of their GunPlas.

Just wanna share these to you guys to let you know if you are paying too much for your GunPla collection.
basically, you just have to look at this barcode first

we have here a 4,200 Yen model kit which is about 45 USD. [and you should pay less than that or at least 10-20% more than the MSRP - ( Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price)]

Q: Should I buy a model kit that is more than the price tag on the barcode?
A: Depends on how high the seller puts on top the price tag of the MSRP  - it really depends on your call ( but never buy it if the seller puts 30-40% more than the original price tag)

----some seller puts 10 % more than the original price which is fine
----here in Canada, sellers doesn't include the 13% tax charges so the prices below will be higher when you check out.

Q: I saw someone selling a Premium Bandai in store near me and they are selling it really high!
A: Sellers have to suffer too much fees before they get those Premium Bandai on their hands (only if they are outside Japan) so they have to add those fees up to the original price and sell it for slightly higher price.

---- suggested price for P-Bandai merchandise outside Japan is about at least 30% more than the original price

Q: I was browsing Ebay and saw this old model kit of G-Unit Hydra 1:144 scale and the seller was selling it for 65 USD...should I buy it?
A: NO! Bandai is having it reissued this August 2013, and have them for only 6-8 USD each (Shipping and Handling not included)

---- most of the GunPla sellers in Ebay are collectors too, they take advantage of the rarity of the item and sell them for ridiculously super high price.

let's take a look at these OP model kits...

CAD $124.99 + 13% TAX = about $141 Canadian dollars or about $139 USD

original price of MG 1/100 nu Gundam Ver Ka in Japanese Yen is 7,350 MSRP which is about $75 USD
(seller puts almost 100% of the MSRP)

HGUC 1/144 Messala

seller's price: CAD $54.99 + 13% TAX = about CAD $62 (seller puts 100% more than the MSRP)

MSRP: 3,180 Yen = $34 USD

HG 1/144 Gundam AGE-FX Burst Mode

seller's price: CAD $34.99 + 13% TAX = about CAD $40 (seller puts 100% more than the MSRP)

MSRP: 1,800 Yen = $19 USD

we should understand that they also have to suffer the rent fees

 " don't like it? don't buy it! " - as they always say

well obviously you should mind about the shipping taxes (if applicable) when buying online. Shipping that is more than the price of the item you bought is OBVIOUSLY NO NO!!!

I hope that you find this guide helpful!


  1. Amiami sell one of the lowest prices for gunpla on a regular day to day basis.

  2. You forgot about ZeroFour Gundam. He's also a Facebook-based Gunpla reseller. His prices are lower than Coldfire's, most of the time.

  3. Replies
    1. Agreed I love the gundam club they have there I have a silver membership. They havee good discounts and cool contests. They also have really good prices on gundams

  4. I think ebay user TokyoHobby and bon.voila sell them at a very reasonable price.

  5. Bought for 63 dollars a "7500" MG Unicorn with cage at a store in Chinatown Los Angeles.I saw the mistake & took advantage of it.

    1. that's actually pretty cheap! :D congratulation :D

    2. You're probably talking about the one at the bottom of the tower shaped mall right? Neo Happy land? That's not a fluke; they regularly have discounted sales on expensive items so they can move stock and people with less funds can also get them.

  6. are they from a shop called anime extreme in downtown toronto coz ive been getting mine from there and yah i noticed its a bit expensive from them

    1. I think these are from planet hobby at squareone :P

  7. Joh! all of you want to know what is overpriced gunplas? Go to México: MG Hi Nu Gundam: 300 dllds, MG Unicorn Gundam Full Armor. Any oter MG over 100 - 200 dllds (Mos common 150 dllds) The Hi grades to 50 - 100 dllds.

  8. You canadians should see the gunpla 'market' here in Brazil... It's basically:
    --> original price of the gunpla (ex: 50 US$)
    + 6% (international credit card tax)
    + 60% (border control tax, including price AND shipping...)
    + 18% (internal state tax)
    + 6 US$ (mail extra tax for international product)
    X 2.5 (exchange rate for R$)
    = 245 R$ (98 R$).

    In comunist economies, that's how it works. ;-( ...

    1. holy wow that's like stealing haha



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