Sunday, October 09, 2016
Just want to introduce our friend's GunPla store in the Philippines to our new readers. I've been their friend for about 5 years now, or ever since I opened the website.

From regular to Premium Bandai kits, GunPLAkits sells Gundam models for reasonable price.

They do meetups and domestic shipping. [International Shipping can be negotiated].

Here are some of their latest pre-orders, more on their Facebook page's shop.

Contact number: +63-921-331-4094

If you have any special orders or want to order from their store, you can contact them HERE


  1. Did you know that this seller has issues here in the Philippines?
    Not delivering kits for promised time eventhough the kit was FULLY PAID already.
    The worst is, this seller said it was available and it took a YEAR.
    YES you've read it right A WHOLE EFFING YEAR just for the buyer to found out that the kit ordered is not available. LOLS!