Saturday, September 10, 2016
Official Gundam Unicorn Twitter account twitted on Saturday, which UC series would you like to see next after Unicorn Gundam?

Poll listed
  • Gundam UC 2
  • Gundam Hathaway's Flash
  • Crossbone Gundam
  • A brand new work for Universal Century series
With 20 hours left to vote, Crossbone Gundam scores the top with 32%, followed by Hathaway's Flash with 30%!

We are hoping that this poll acts as a petition to Sunrise to make them release an actual anime adaptation for either Hathaway's Flash or Crossbone Gundam. 

Gundam UC 2 sounds interesting as well as the brand new Universal Century series.


Crossbone Gundam wins the poll with 39% vote!


  1. Let's say Sunrise does push through with a Crossbone Gundam anime (TV series, OVA, or movie), wouldn't it be better to go with a proper TV series for Gundam F91? Since the original plans for the movie was a 39-episode series, it makes more sense that this one goes first.

    Sunrise was able to turn Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn into a proper TV series (and a surprisingly good one), so I don't see any issue with doing this to F91 as well. :)