Monday, June 06, 2016
6 is having a poll for the next possible HGCE GunPla. The result shows that the Destiny Impulse Gundam tops the survey. Following with Sword Impulse Gundam with 198 votes, Impulse Gundam Blanche with 51 votes , Gaia Impulse with 50 votes and Destiny Impulse Gundam R with 31 votes. Abyss Impulse Gundam and Gaia Impulse Gundam are running with 22 and 21 votes.

Don't get your hopes up yet. The next HGCE GunPla does not really depend on this survey yet, but the chances are greater for Bandai is testing the fan bases of each mobile suits. Numbers of each vote will still change.


  1. Odds are we will probably get HGCE Sword Impulse anyway. If anything I think HGCE Destiny Impulse will be a Premium Bandai release.

  2. All of those are gonna be a P-Bandai AFTER the extended 2.0 trio comes out (3-4 more years probably). Also,if they decide to roll out a Destiny Impulse,they'd have to make 2 equal plates on different colors (For units 1 and 2). And no,I'm not Suiton,I just like the amount of Impulse obscure variants out there.

  3. Still hoping for Sword Impulse so to complete the trio. Just wished Bandai didn't market the Blast Impulse as a P-Bandai Exclusive though. Oh well, still gonna buy it anyway. :)

  4. first time I've heard of impulse blanche, can someone fill me in on that gundam?

    1. A custom Destiny Impulse R for Elsa Weiss in Destiny Astray B

  5. Sword Impulse a go-go baby!!!