Sunday, November 20, 2016

Don't let this happen to you!

We caption some Gundam animated GIF to add up some spice to our daily GunPla life. We are also accepting works from our readers. Please feel free to comment those GIF links below or send them at

Nope just nope!

No One Touches My GunPla Without My Permission!

Permission must be asked!


  1. Why is it that Bandai refuses to make Blast Impulse in model kit form other than that First Grade piece of junk? Since we are getting a High Grade Revival version of the Force Impulse, I think it is pretty clear that Bandai intends to make Sword Impulse at the least, and probably just piss everyone off and make a Blast Impulse a Premium Bandai release.

  2. Well I guess the Blast Impulse meme no longer applies since it is confirmed for a Premium Bandai release. Perhaps HGCE Sword Impulse will be Premium Bandai too. DAMN YOU BANDAI AND YOUR P-BANDAI RELEASES....only for us to all buy them in the end.

  3. RG Barbatos? What about MG Barbatos?

  4. Three Anons of Suiton above