1. Uh oh.
    Incoming Premium Bandai release?
    Speaking of which, I'm surprised they didn't do a RG Wing Gundam Proto Zero EW yet.

    1. As much as I'd like to see Proto Zero in RG form, it will require a new RG frame (to accommodate the splitting leg armor and folding feet inside) and new parts of everything (head, torso, shoulder armor, arms, skirt, leg armors, thusters in the feet).

    2. It wouldn't be something too out of the ordinary.
      Bandai could use a slightly modified frame of the RG Wing Gundam Zero EW as the base and armor pieces & weapons would be modified.
      It's not too far fetched.

    3. The ways that Wing Gundam EW and Wing Gundam Proto Zero EW transform are vastly different. The Proto Zero requires folding the knees, folding legs inside the leg block, twisting the foot pieces and folding the soles/ankle parts, and twisting the waist; the Wing Gundam merely requires folding the knees.

      The frame's far from slight modification, especially with the legs - that'll probably look like a cross of the current Advanced MS Joint 9 for the main body and MS Joint 6 for the legs, then a custom foot pieces to accommodate thrusters sandwiched between the sole and heel. Additional latches will have to be added to support the folded feet assembly in bird mode, and a reinforced torso frame as the bird mode requires twisting the waist so the rear skirt goes to the bottom.