1. YES!
    Now hopefully they will do a Trans Am version of RG 00 Qan[t] and maybe the ELS Ver and Full Saber version. But aside from that, where's the rest of the RG Exia variant (Roll Out, Repair 2, Repair 3, Avalanche Dash) and also the 0 Gundam in Type ACD and Roll Out??

  2. And yes
    Maybe full saber expansion part will be p-bandai

    1. I hope they can at least do Premium Bandai releases for the Trans Am version and the Full Saber add on set.
      The ELS ver would be a crazy surprise if we get it in RG.

  3. hell yeah, my favorite ms finally hit the RG line

  4. i cannot imagine how beautiful the RG quanta and the RG kit cockpit is my fav gimmick

  5. Soon~
    Soon I will be able to have this in my collection.
    I'll be getting AT LEAST 2 sets of this RG.
    One for 00 Qan[t] and another for the Quantum Burst Mode variant.
    Hopefully we get Trans Am, Full Saber, and ELS Ver as well...especially Trans Am since Bandai never did Trans Am QanT not even in HG or MG.

    1. Can you please shutthe fuck up ONE FUCKING DAY about your diary?

    2. Shut the fuckin hell up suiton, you are too much pussy about your diary

    3. Suiton what is your point in telling everyone about your Gundam wish list over and over again?

  6. The new pictures make this RG look awesome.
    Hopefully we get a Trans Am this time?

    Also maybe we will get these RGs:
    - GN-000 0 Gundam [Roll Out Version]
    - GN-000 0 Gundam [Type ACD]
    - GN Feather add on set
    - GN-001 Gundam Exia [Roll Out Version]
    - GN-001/hs-A01 Gundam Avalanche Exia]
    - GN-001REII Gundam Exia Repair II
    - GN-001REIII Gundam Exia Repair III
    - CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam
    - CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam [Trans Am]
    - GNMS-XCVII Alvaaron

    1. RG Alvaaron... =))

      Good luck with that, Suitroll the dreamer, along with your ELS Qan[T] =))

    2. I don't get it.
      What is so funny about that?
      If Bandai makes it then Bandai makes it.
      If not, then they don't?

  7. @Anon Feb25

    Perhaps you still don't know who suiton is.

    Unless you really is suiton. Just posting anonymously to defend the action above.

  8. This looks so nice.
    Can this do that Quantum Blast Mode or whatever it's called when 00 QanT transforms before teleporting through the ring?

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  10. *This is a prototype
    *This is an image
    lololololol Japanese you funny people