G Gundam Manga Celebrates the 30th Anniversary with Re: Master Edition

In honor of the 30th anniversary of Mobile Fighter G Gundam, its manga series is being re-issued as Mobile Fighter G Gundam: Re: Master Edition. This re-issued series, written by Koichi Tokita, features a renewed version of the original story, along with an exciting addition of a new one-shot.

The Re: Master Edition will be available in Japan starting July 25, 2024, at a price of 792 Yen each.

Volume 1 Synopsis

In the year 60 of the Future Century, a Gundam Fight is held every four years, where Gundams representing various countries compete against each other. Domon Kasshu descends on Earth, the venue for the Gundam Fight, ready to face formidable opponents and prove his might.

Volume 2 Synopsis

Domon's new battle begins on the Guiana Highlands! After suffering a defeat at the hands of his nemesis, Devil Gundam, Schwarz advises him to "gain a still, clear-sighted mind." What could this cryptic advice mean for Domon's journey and battles ahead?

Volume 3 Synopsis

As Domon progresses through the Gundam Fights, he finds himself facing his master, Master Asia, in the finals. The stage is set for an epic showdown, but who will emerge victorious in this clash of student versus mentor?


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