Introducing the Characters of Gundam Breaker 4

As we dive into the world of Gundam Breaker 4, let's get to know the characters and their roles in the Gundam universe, with each bringing their own personality to the game.

Tao (Voice Actor: Taichi Kusano)
Preferred GunPla Type: SD Gundam

Tao is the joker of the group, often displaying a humorous and somewhat pathetic side. Despite this, he shares a strong bond of friendship with the protagonist. A true Gunpla enthusiast, Tao has gathered extensive information about "GBBBB" but started off as a beginner, just like the protagonist. He serves as a tutorial guide in the early missions due to his wealth of knowledge. Tao's fighting style is passive, favoring SD-type units that suit his cautious approach.

Lin (Voice Actor: Takada Yuuki)
Preferred GunPla Type: Aggressive and high-performance models

Rin is bright, caring, and highly considerate, with a strong competitive spirit and a sense of adventure. Although she is a novice in "GBBBB," her aggressive fighting style, enthusiasm, and determination help her overcome numerous challenges. Rin's character adds a dynamic and energetic presence to the team.

Reco (Voice Actor: Tomoyo Kurosawa)
Event host and news reporter

Reco is an AI character who hosts events and reports news within "GBBBB." Despite occasionally making airheaded remarks, Reco is known for her energetic, cute, and hardworking demeanor, which has garnered her the support of many "GBBBB" users. She often appears at events alongside Mr. Gunpla, and their witty exchanges have become a beloved fixture in the game.

Mr. Gunpla (Voice Actor: Katsuyuki Konishi)
Commentator and MC

Continuing his role from "Gundam Breaker 3," Mr. Gunpla serves as a commentator and MC at events in "GBBBB." Although retired as a builder, his insightful commentary, drawing from his vast knowledge and experience, is highly valued by users. Mr. Gunpla is considered a legend in the game world, and his distinctive appearance is available as a virtual character for "GBBBB" player avatars, making him a favorite among fans.

Misa (Voice Actor: Yuka Iguchi)
Veteran player and mentor figure

A veteran player from "Gundam Breaker 3," Misa led the Ayato Shopping District Gunpla Team and has a wealth of battle experience. Six years have passed since then, and she is now a 23-year-old office lady in the real world, showing the composure of an adult—most of the time. Misa crosses paths with the protagonist in "GBBBB," adding depth and nostalgia to the storyline.

The highly anticipated Gundam Breaker 4, will be released on August 29, 2024 across all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam).

note: physical copy is only available for the console version of the game.


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  1. I have to say it, I hate what they did for Rin's design. You have a solid design referencing Lunamaria's uniform and then ruin it with by throwing all these blue lines over it. A textbook example of less is more.

    That said, MISAAA!

  2. Edited:
    Rin ~ Lin

    English name confirmed by Bandai Namco Ent.

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