Blazing Innovation with the "Gundvolva Firestorm Paladin" by The Mobile Suit Hangar

MODELER: The Mobile Suit Hangar
MODEL TITLE: Gundvolva Firestorm Paladin
MODFICATION TYPE: kitbash, 3D Printed Detailing, Magnets
KITS USED: HG 1/144 Gundvolva, HG 1/144 Shia Quant, HG 1/144 00 Raiser, 30 Minutes Missions Option Parts

"Transforming a Grunt Drone Bit into an OP Mobile Suit!!"

The Gundvolva Firestorm Paladin is a masterpiece that combines elements from various kits, creating a unique and formidable mobile suit that stands out in any collection.

The Gundvolva Firestorm Paladin was created through a process of kitbashing and unique detailing. The Mobile Suit Hangar expertly combined elements from various kits, including 3D printing to add custom details and the clever use of magnets to hold some of its components in place.

The Gundvolva Firestorm Paladin's vibrant red color scheme is one of its most eye-catching aspects. The Mobile Suit Hangar's thorough decal application provides an extra layer of detail, improving the model's overall appearance. The carefully placed heat blades around the mobile suit add an extra wow element, making this amazing build absolutely unique.

The Mobile Suit Hangar's Gundvolva Firestorm Paladin exemplifies both originality and technical proficiency in GunPla modeling. This modification not only captivates with its aesthetics, but also inspires with its novel approach. As The Mobile Suit Hangar continues to develop and inspire, the GunPla modeling community eagerly awaits their next masterpiece.


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