Soul of Chogokin (SOC) GX-113 "Strongest Mobile" Gundam Tryon 3 - Release Info

Soul of Chogokin (SOC) GX-113 "Strongest Mobile" Gundam Tryon 3
Release Date: November 2024
Price: 39,600 Yen 

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of "Gundam Build Fighters Try" with the Impactful Gundam Tryon 3

In honor of the tenth anniversary of "Gundam Build Fighters Try," the classic ZZ Gundam-based three-body combined mecha, Gundam Tryon 3, makes an impressive appearance. This magnificent mecha is not just any Gundam, but rather a unique addition to the prestigious Soul of Chogokin series, which is noted for its high-quality die-cast models. The Gundam Tryon 3 distinguishes out because to its distinct appearance and characteristics, making it a must-have for collectors and aficionados alike.

Gundam Tryon 3 is a masterwork that seamlessly blends the nostalgia of early Sunrise works with the refinement of contemporary design. Its brilliant color design pays homage to the old anime look while also embracing modern aspects that set it out in any collection. The employment of plated pieces improves its appearance, giving it the look and feel of a genuine super alloy mecha.

One of the most notable aspects of the Gundam Tryon 3 is its three-body design. This sophisticated structure is intended to transform flawlessly without the need for replacement parts. The three distinct components—Riku, Umi, and Sora—combine flawlessly to produce the formidable Gundam Tryon 3. This technical marvel allows fans to experience the transformation process as it was intended, reflecting the Soul of Chogokin series' reputation for innovation and workmanship.

The Gundam Tryon 3 is embellished with stunning design details, such as the lion on its chest, which lends a powerful and regal air to its entire appearance. The machine contains a variety of super alloy materials to enhance its strength and longevity. These design decisions not only improve its visual appeal, but also its metaphorical depiction as a strong and resilient mecha.

In addition to its outstanding structural design, the Gundam Tryon 3 features a variety of weapons and effects inspired by previous Gundam works. These accessories let enthusiasts to recreate legendary battle scenes and showcase the Gundam Tryon 3 in dynamic stances. The attention to detail in these attachments ensures that every feature of the Gundam Tryon 3 matches its anime version.

This amazing mecha comes with a unique triangular display base. This base is intended to display Riku, Umi, and Sora's distinctive attributes before they merge to form the Gundam Tryon 3. This feature expands the display options and allows collectors to appreciate the minute intricacies of each item.


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