Malaysian Artist Unveils Stunning Aile Strike Gundam Mural

The love for Gundam does not end with GunPla

The colorful streets of Seksyen 7 Shah Alam now feature a new centerpiece that has captivated both residents and anime fans. Suhaimi Ali, better known as MieAli, is a renowned muralist, painter, and street artist who has created a stunning mural of the iconic Aile Strike Gundam from the hit anime series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.

The mural, a towering 13 x 20 feet masterpiece, showcases MieAli's immense talent and dedication. Despite facing weather challenges, with heavy rains extending the project's timeline, MieAli completed the mural in just five days. Utilizing acrylic paint, he brought the beloved Gundam character to life with vivid colors and intricate details that highlight his passion for the anime series.

The painting, located near Laman Seni, has quickly gained popularity as a must-see sight. Fans of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and art enthusiasts are flocking to see the stunning piece, which demonstrates MieAli's artistic abilities and great love for Gundam. This mural offers an experience as impressive as visiting a Gundam statue, with its sheer scale and meticulous detailing.

MieAli spoke exclusively with Gundam Kits Collection about his creative process and inspiration for the artwork. "I painted the Aile Strike Gundam because I don't have money to buy the PG 1/60 Perfect Strike Gundam, so I painted it on the wall to share to many people and for them to take pictures with it when they visit Malaysia," stated MieAli.

Additionally, MieAli graciously granted permission to use his media for this article, providing a rare glimpse into the making of this stunning piece.

Aile Strike Gundam mural painting: MieAli

The Aile Strike Gundam mural is not just a visual spectacle; it's a symbol of creativity and fandom coming together. MieAli's work has injected new life into Laman Seni, turning it into a vibrant cultural hub and celebrating the intersection of street art and popular culture.

Visitors to Shah Alam are encouraged to visit Laman Seni to experience the awe-inspiring mural and witness firsthand the incredible talent of one of Malaysia's most gifted street artists.


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