Robot Spirits (SIDE MS) RGC-80 GM Cannon Jaburo Base Specification ver. ANIME - Release Info

Robot Spirits (SIDE MS) RGC-80 GM Cannon Jaburo Base Specification ver. ANIME
Release Date: September 2024
Price: 9,350 Yen

The GM Cannon, designed for the rigors of combat, was part of the Jaburo Base Defense Force, fighting intense fights against the AEUG. This historic past is brought to life in the ANIME version of the GM Cannon, which distinguishes out with its red head type and a variety of equipment demonstrating its adaptability on the battlefield. This rendition celebrates its appearance in the Mobile Suit Z Gundam anime series.

The primary product, which appeals to collectors and fans alike, contains the mobile suit's main body, a variety of replacement wrists (four for the left hand, five for the right), a replacement (white ver.) head, and a replacement flash hider, all of which add to the figure's display and play value. The weapons is very complete, including a bazooka magazine, super bazooka, beam rifle, beam spray cannon, shield, 100mm machine gun, and a variety of effects. Additionally, a set of varied joints and a wrist storage deck are provided, allowing collectors to pose and display the GM Cannon in a variety of dynamic positions.

The figure, made of high-quality ABS and PVC, stands around 125mm tall and strikes the ideal combination of detail and size for display. The figure is priced at 9,350 yen (tax included) and is set to ship in September 2024, making it a much-anticipated addition to Gundam lovers' collections around the world.

The ANIME ver. figure series distinguishes itself by carefully creating the anime counterpart's dimensions, articulation, and colors. This attention ensures that each figure not only pays tribute to the classic designs, but also satisfies the high expectations of modern collectors. The RGC-80 GM Cannon, with its rich history and detailed rendition, is more than simply a figure; it's a piece of Gundam history brought to life for fans to treasure and exhibit with pride.


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