Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM' Delves into CG Mastery at Tokyo Staff Talk

The "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM" series conducted its second staff talk event, the "CG Animation Edition," on April 9th at Shinjuku Piccadilly, Tokyo. The event was a continuation of the successful previous gathering, and it featured 3DCG production team members Toshikazu Naka and Shinmu Fujita. They discussed the series' sophisticated CG production process. The event was highlighted by a discussion of the Rising Freedom Gundam's transformation scenario, which was altered 13 times to get the intended visual impact. This attention to detail in CG animation reflects the series' reputation for quality.

The thorough redesign of the Rising Freedom Gundam's transformation scene was a hot subject at the event, highlighting the production team's meticulous attention to detail. This sequence underwent 13 changes, with the goal of dramatically increasing its dramatic and visual effect. Director Fukuda and his team aimed to make the transformation heavier and more distinct than previous animations in the series, using the Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam's transformation phase as a precedent for depth and detail. This comparison established a high benchmark for the sequence, guaranteeing that the Rising Freedom Gundam's transformation not only matched but also stood out, leaving an indelible impact on viewers. The continuous artistic approach, which involved tight collaboration among the director, CG artists, and animators, demonstrated their shared commitment to refining and perfecting crucial moments in the series.

The event also highlighted the joint efforts of 19 CG companies to manage the series' more than 1,600 CG cuts, demonstrating the scope and collaborative aspect of current anime production. The thorough color design was also a major point, with efforts focusing on including brilliant colors right from the CG model construction stage rather than relying on post-production modifications. This method ensures that the pictures remain clear and entertaining while maintaining detail. The staff's commitment to pushing the boundaries of CG in anime was evident, making the event a valuable experience for fans and professionals alike. Another session is planned for April 18th, with more behind-the-scenes information and comments.


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