Figure-rise Standard Lacus Clyne [The Gundam Base Color] - Release Info

Figure-rise Standard Lacus Clyne [The Gundam Base Color]
The Gundam Base Limited
Release Date: April 27, 2024
Price: 3,850 Yen

Gundam Base unveils its latest limited edition model kit: the "Figure-rise Standard SEED Lacus Clyne". This special release is tailored specifically for Gundam Base, featuring exclusive colors and accessories that resonate with the brand's iconic style.

Exclusive Features of the Limited Edition Model:

Unique Coloring: The model comes in a distinctive color scheme inspired by Gundam Base, adding an exclusive touch to the collection of any enthusiast.

Gundam Base Logo Sticker: Each kit includes a special sticker featuring the Gundam Base logo, perfect for customizing the model or other Gunpla kits.

Variety of Hand Parts and Accessories: The set is equipped with various hand parts that allow for dynamic posing. Additionally, it includes a halo accessory, also inspired by the Gundam Base color palette.

Expressive Facial Parts: Lacus Clyne can be displayed with three different facial expressions: a normal face, a smiling face, and a concerned face. The normal face comes pre-printed with tampo printing for finer detail, while the smiling and concerned faces are provided as water transfer decals, offering fans a hands-on approach to customization.

Original Miniskirt Version: For those who prefer a different style, the original miniskirt version of Lacus Clyne can be recreated with the parts included in this model kit.


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