Robot Spirits (SIDE MS) Gundam Schwarzette Ver. ANIME - Release Info

Robot Spirits (SIDE MS) Gundam Schwarzette Ver. ANIME
Release Date: September 2024
Price: 12,100 Yen

Tamashii Nations has announced the addition of the Gundam Schwarzette to its prestigious Robot Spirits Ver. ANIME series. This figure, scheduled for delivery in August 2024, is priced at 12,100 Yen and offers the high degree of detail, color accuracy, and articulation that fans of the series have come to expect.

The appearance of the MDX-0003 Gundam Schwarzette in the second season of the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury anime marks a significant advancement in mobile suit technology. The Gundam Schwarzette, piloted by Lauda Neill, is intended to be more than just another mobile suit; it is a tremendous step forward in mobile suit engineering and capabilities.

The Gundam Schwarzette's breakthrough design is centered on Prospera Mercury's innovative "GUND FORMAT" technology. This cutting-edge technology has allowed the Schwarzette to emerge as the conceptual successor to the MD-0064 Darilbalde, pushing the boundaries of flexibility, adaptability, and mobility. The primary goal for this next-generation model was to significantly improve its AI control system, resulting in a mobile suit that vastly outperformed its predecessors in every imaginable way.

Despite the grandiose goals for the Gundam Schwarzette, the road to reality was beset with difficulties. Technical challenges, particularly with the AI control system, caused considerable delays in development. Nonetheless, the introduction of "GUND FORMAT" technology was a game-changer, reviving the potential to achieve the ambitious vision for the Schwarzette and facilitating its ultimate transformation into a Gundam designed to alter the course of warfare.

The Robot Spirits (SIDE MS) Gundam Schwarzette Ver. ANIME is intended to represent the pinnacle of realism and precision, accurately replicating the anime version in colors, proportions, and articulations. This dedication to accuracy assures that the figurine is a true portrayal of the Gundam Schwarzette as seen on screen. 

This bundle includes:
  • Replacement Wrist Parts
  • Multi-Purpose Attack and Defense Platform Guardian Set
  • Guardian Display Set
  • Beam Blade
  • Wrist Storage Deck


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