Robot Spirits (SIDE MS) 105 Slaughter Dagger Ver. ANIME - Release Info

Robot Spirits (SIDE MS) 105 Slaughter Dagger Ver. ANIME
Release Date: September 2024
Price: 12,100 Yen

From the depths of the "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED C.E. 73: STARGAZER" comes a weapon created in secrecy and immersed in the art of destruction: the Slaughter Dagger. This jet-black mobile suit, operated by the covert operations squad known as "Phantom Pain," has transcended its digital roots to take physical form as the latest addition to the ROBOT Spirits (SIDE MS) series, the 105 Slaughter Dagger Ver. ANIME is likely to dominate shelves in September 2024.

The Ver. ANIME iteration of the Slaughter Dagger is a masterpiece of collectible art, mirroring its on-screen counterpart from the OVA with an unwavering commitment to accurate proportions and a color scheme that perfectly captures the essence of its animated form.

The fact that this figure is compatible with the Aile Striker pack, which enables aficionados to convert this deadly mobile suit into the Aile Slaughter Dagger variety, is one of its most thrilling characteristics. This adaptability honors the inventive spirit of the Gundam universe in addition to showcasing the figure's dynamic design.

The figure has a wide range of attachments and equipment that improve its play value and appearance, ensuring it is ready for any situation:

Interchangeable Hands: Four types of replacement wrists for both the left and right hands, ensuring dynamic posing and enhanced interaction with the included weaponry.

Aile Striker Set: This pivotal accessory enables the transformation into the Aile Slaughter Dagger, further diversifying display options.

Anti-Beam Shield Set: Providing defense against beam weaponry, this shield is both a tactical accessory and a visually striking piece.

Saber Blade Set: A quintessential element of mobile suit combat, the saber blades offer a glimpse into the close-quarters battle capabilities of the Slaughter Dagger.

Vernier Effect Set: Enhancing the dynamic visual impact, these effects simulate the powerful thruster output, bringing the figure to life.

MX703G Beam Rifle & GAU8M2 52mm Machine Gun Pod: These ranged weapons illustrate the Slaughter Dagger's versatility on the battlefield, from precision beam shots to devastating barrages.

Shooting Effect Parts: Both the beam rifle and machine gun come with shooting effect accessories, adding a dynamic layer of realism to displays or dioramas.

Wrist Storage Deck: A practical and thoughtful addition, allowing collectors to neatly store and display the interchangeable wrists.

GAT-01A2R 105 Slaughter Dagger

Phantom Pain uses a modified version of the GAT-01A1 Dagger, called the Slaughter Dagger. It is distinguished not just by its unique color scheme but also by its lighter frame and improved operating system. As part of its normal loadout, it is equipped with the updated AQM/E-X01 Aile Striker, which allows for better space mobility and full atmospheric flight capabilities.

In terms of weapons, the Slaughter Dagger's armory is mostly comparable to that of the original Dagger model, with the noteworthy exception of the MX703G beam rifle replacing the normal handheld machine gun or the M703 beam rifle. The Aile Striker's armament now includes a second pair of beam sabers, giving it greater combat adaptability. The Aile Striker can be swapped out for Striker Packs that are more suited to specific battle scenarios. The Slaughter Dagger, like the Dagger, is built with laminated armor to provide additional protection for essential components.


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