MG 1/100 Aegis Gundam (Clear Color) - Release Info

MG 1/100 Aegis Gundam (Clear Color)
Gundam Base Limited
Release Date: March 9, 2024
Price: 5,610 Yen

The Gundam Base recently revealed the famous "Aegis Gundam," piloted by Athrun Zala in the beloved series "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED," which has been redesigned in a gorgeous clear color version and will certainly become a centerpiece in any collection.

The model was created in a transparent pink molding color with a high level of transparency. This not only highlights the fine features of the design, but also creates a visually attractive aesthetic that is enhanced merely by assembling.

The beauty of this model lies not just in its appearance but in its versatility. The Aegis Gundam is renowned for its dynamic transformation capabilities, and this model is no exception. It can completely transform into two distinct MA (Mobile Armor) forms: the attack form, primed for battle, and the cruise form, designed for high-speed movement. This feature allows enthusiasts to display the model in various dynamic poses and settings, catering to the diverse preferences of Gundam fans.

Adding to the attraction are the supplied beam saber effect components, which can be added to the Gundam's elbows and toes. These translucent components compliment the clear color palette, giving the model a sense of depth and realism when exhibited in movement postures.

Furthermore, the kit includes plastic model original decals, which allow builders to further customize their Aegis Gundam. These decals give a layer of depth and authenticity to each model, making it unique to the designer.

 It combines aesthetic beauty with useful design, providing both experienced modelers and newbies with an enjoyable building experience and a beautiful model to showcase.

As the Gundam community embraces this new addition, the clear color Aegis Gundam exemplifies how ingenuity and enthusiasm continue to drive the advancement of Gundam model kits. Whether it's the fun of construction, the excitement of transformation, or the beauty of display, this model promises to deliver on all fronts, making it a must-have for Gundam enthusiasts all around the world.


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