METAL ROBOT Spirits (SIDE MS) Akatsuki Gundam (Shiranui Equipped) SEED FREEDOM Ver. - Release Info

METAL ROBOT Spirits (SIDE MS) Akatsuki Gundam (Shiranui Equipped) SEED FREEDOM Ver. 
Release Date: September 2024
Price: 24,200 Yen

In an exciting news for fans of the renowned "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM" series, a new addition to the METAL ROBOT Spirits lineup is about to make its debut. The <SIDE MS> Akatsuki Gundam, outfitted with the Shiranui pack, dubbed as the SEED FREEDOM Ver., is being commercialized, bringing the iconic mobile suit in its majestic majesty to collectors and fans worldwide.

The teaser poster, which was issued alongside the news, has already sparked debate and speculation in the online community. Notably, it was revealed that this figure is incompatible with the ZEUS Silhouette Equipment, a recently unveiled accessory set that has piqued the interest of Gundam fans due to its creative design and compatibility characteristics, which was also used by the Akatsuki Gundam in the movie. However, the announcement suggests a distinct version of the Akatsuki Gundam that may accommodate a different type of ZEUS Silhouette Equipment, implying that fans may have more to look forward to in the future.

The figure has new markings exclusive to the METAL ROBOT Spirit series. These unique designs make the figure more visually appealing by adding depth and intricacy to its appearance. The marks are intended to resemble those seen on real or fictional military hardware, giving the Akatsuki a more genuine and dense appearance, as if it were a tiny actual mech rather than a model.

The pedestal and support mechanisms have been modified to meet the latest METAL ROBOT Spirits series requirements. These changes ensure that the figure may be displayed more securely and with greater diversity. The innovative support mechanism enables the figure to be held steady in various poses while also allowing it to be adjusted in height on the pedestal. This allows collectors to show the Akatsuki in dynamic stances, increasing its display appeal.


The Akatsuki comes with a wide range of accessories that enhance its displayability and play value:

3 Types of Replacement Wrists (Left and Right): These allow for customization of the figure's poses and can hold different accessories.

Shield: Provides a defensive accessory, adding to the figure's battle-ready appearance.

Hyakurai (Beam Rifle): A weapon accessory that adds to the figure's offensive capabilities.

Beam Saber Handles x 2 and Double-Edged Beam Saber Handle x 2: These handles can be equipped to simulate battle scenarios.

Beam Saber Blade x 2: Can be attached to the saber handles to complete the beam saber weapon look.

Shiranui and Injection Parts for Shiranui Complete Set: Specialized equipment that enhances the figure's aesthetics and lore.

Main Body Joint: Allows for increased articulation and poseability.

Dedicated Pedestal Set: A stand specifically designed for displaying the Akatsuki, equipped with the updated support for greater stability and height adjustment.

This announcement demonstrates the continued popularity of the "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM" series and its characters. The Akatsuki Gundam, with its characteristic gold coating and Shiranui pack, has long been a fan favorite because to its spectacular design and formidable skills throughout the series. The decision to create a SEED FREEDOM Ver. under the legendary METAL ROBOT Spirits brand demonstrates a dedication to high-quality manufacturing and attention to detail, resulting in a figure that will stand out in any collection.


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  1. What are they thinking not making this compatible with the zeus accessory? that is such a wrong move.

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