P-Bandai: HG 1/144 Heingra - Release Info

P-Bandai: HG 1/144 Heingra
Release Date: May 2024
Price: 1,980 Yen

The Gundam universe expands with the announcement of the HG 1/144 Heingra model kit, a Premium Bandai exclusive that adds complexity to the Mobile Suit Gundam the Witch from Mercury series. This model, the CCP-068 Heingra, is a notable addition to the high-grade roster, providing builders and fans with a glimpse into the detailed plot that unfolds in the PROLOGUE episode of the series.

The HG 1/144 Heingra is equipped with a shield, a beam rifle, and two beam sabers, making it capable of both offense and defense. These additions not only enhance the mobile suit's capabilities, but also offer modelers a variety of display and customization possibilities, allowing for dynamic stances and scenarios that mirror the Heingra's combat prowess as depicted in the series.

Shield: A newly designed part of the mobile suit that enhances both the model's aesthetics and defensive capabilities. It features 4 beam vulcans in the center.

Beam Rifle: Customized for the Heingra, this weapon emphasizes the suit's long-range offensive capabilities.

2 × Beam Saber: Required for close-quarters combat, increasing the model's versatility. Stored on its backpack when not in use.

The narrative relevance of the Heingra is underscored by its deployment from the Ulysses, which occurs at a pivotal point in the series when the headquarters orders all Dominicus units to block off Fólkvangr and its surroundings. This mobile suit becomes essential to the plot as its pilots engage in a series of strategic and high-stakes engagements that put their skills and their equipment to the test.

The Heingra's contacts with the ingenious GUND-BITs and their deployment against them highlight an exciting facet of Gundam warfare, stressing the evolution of battle methods and the universe's ongoing weapons race. These battles, particularly the tactical destruction of a Heingra by GUND-BITs, demonstrate the pilots' agility and resilience.


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