Model Graphix's April 2024 Issue Features 1/144 Scratch Built Garencieres by Takumi Mizuki

On February 24th, model enthusiasts and Gundam fans alike will celebrate when the April issue of Model Graphix magazine hits the stores, containing a special issue that is guaranteed to pique the interest of hobbyists everywhere. At the core of this edition is Takumi Mizuki's astounding 1.5m long Garencieres spaceship model, which he diligently created over a seven-year period. This remarkable model is not only a monument to Mizuki's passion and expertise, but it also opens up new vistas not seen in the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn OVA.

The special edition magazine is priced at 900 Yen.

The Garencieres, a space freighter central to the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn narrative, plays a pivotal role in the story's unfolding. Operated by the Neo Zeon movement, known as "Sleeves," under the command of Suberoa Zinnerman, this vessel is a key player in the Third Neo Zeon War. Its depiction in both the novel and its OVA adaptation, as well as the television re-cut, has captivated fans for its intricate design and the dramatic backdrop it provides to the Gundam universe.

Model Graphix goes beyond simply introducing the Garenciere in this special edition. Readers will be immersed in a detailed showcase of HGUC (High Grade Universal Century) kits, including the Geara Zulu and Kshatriya built by other experienced modelers in Japan, all displayed alongside Mizuki's gigantic customized spaceship. These models are displayed in displays that recreate the dramatic scenes from the OVA, providing fans and modelers with perspectives and settings that are as close to undiscovered territory as feasible.

What makes this issue a must-have is not only the focus on the Garencieres, but also the extensive coverage it provides. From the extremely detailed model of the spaceship that acts as the centerpiece to the gorgeously produced HGUC kits that surround it, the magazine delves deeply into the art and science of model construction. It's an invitation to delve into the complicated world of Gundam modeling, displaying the creativity and passion that distinguish this one-of-a-kind pastime.

Takumi Mizuki also created the scratch-built Skiure for the enormous 1/144 Garencieres model. This particular piece also provides another nice touch to the Garencieres.

Skiure served as a gun battery aboard the Garencieresr, a disguised cargo ship with no permanent armament. Many fans were astonished in this scene, which was the first appearance in the anime, remarking, ''Sukiure came out from inside!? Unfortunately, Skiure's Gunpla has yet to be commercialized, so Mizuki employed digital 3D modeling and talent to make the model from scratch. MegaHobby, on the other side, created a 1/144 Skiure model that was released in January 2024.


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