P-Bandai: Mobile Suit Gundam G-Frame FA: Duel Blitz Gundam & Lightning Buster Gundam - Planning Stage

Premium Bandai is slated to begin accepting pre-orders for the highly anticipated "Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame FA Duel Blitz Gundam & Lightning Buster Gundam" candy toys. This launch, set to begin in the spring of 2024, promises to bring an exciting new dimension to the Gundam G Frame Full Action series, which is famed for its detailed detail and high-quality design.

The Duel Blitz and Lightning Buster Gundams, based on the blockbuster anime film Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom, are renowned for their stunning designs and active roles in the Gundam SEED universe. As the most recent additions to the Gundam G Frame FA line, these models are likely to enchant fans with their superb craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The Duel Blitz Gundam is known for its quickness and heavy weapons, making it a dangerous opponent in the Gundam SEED Freedom storyline. This replica is expected to highlight its sleek look and superior weapons, allowing collectors to relive the most historic events.

The Lightning Buster Gundam is equally remarkable, with its enormous weaponry and eye-catching design. This model will most likely highlight its distinct capabilities and aesthetic aspects, appealing to enthusiasts who value the Gundam's strategic superiority in battle.

The Gundam G Frame FA (Full Action) series is known for its detailed articulation and ability to exhibit models in a variety of dynamic stances. This legacy is likely to be continued by the future Duel Blitz and Lightning Buster Gundam models, which will allow fans to immerse themselves in the mechanical complexities and lore of the Gundam universe.

As spring 2024 approaches, Gundam fans are looking forward to the time Premium Bandai starts pre-orders for these outstanding collectibles. More information will be released on the day pre-orders begin, promising to offer fans with all the information they need to secure these must-have additions to their collections.

The introduction of the Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame FA Duel Blitz Gundam and Lightning Buster Gundam has surely stirred interest in the Gundam community. Collectors may look forward to adding these distinguished models to their collections, as Premium Bandai celebrates the Mobile Suit Gundam series' long tradition and innovative spirit. Keep an eye on Premium Bandai this spring for your chance to own a piece of Gundam history.

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  1. it's like they're telling us that the HGCE Duel Blitz Gundam and Lightning Buster Gundam will be PB as well hahaha!

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