HG 1/144 Shiranui Akatsuki Gundam [REISSUE] - Release Info

HG 1/144 Shiranui Akatsuki Gundam [REISSUE]
Release Date: January 2024 (availability depends on region)
Price: 2,640 Yen


Please check with your local retailers for stock.
This reissue now feature the Bandai Namco logo.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of "Gundam SEED Destiny," Bandai Spirits has reissued the HG 1/144 Shiranui Akatsuki Gundam model kit. This release follows the successful premiere of the "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom" film in Japan on January 26, 2024, and serves not only as a celebration of a critical point in the Gundam narrative, but also as a revitalization of a beloved model for both novices and seasoned collectors. One remarkable feature of this kit is its gorgeous gold-plated finish, which adds an added degree of charm and authenticity to the model.

The Shiranui Akatsuki Gundam stands out with its great degree of articulation and gorgeous gold-plated appearance. The model's head has a single ball joint for maximum mobility, while the shoulders have ball joints for horizontal lifts and some tilting. Despite the fact that the elbows and knees can only bend 90 degrees, the arms and thighs have swivel joints that allow for dynamic posing.

The Shiranui Akatsuki Gundam model includes a variety of articulation capabilities that promise poseability and fun. The head is supported by a single ball joint, allowing for a large range of motion, while the shoulders have ball joints for horizontal lifting and limited tilting. The arm and upper thigh joints include swivel movement, which improves dynamic posing possibilities. Although the elbow and knee joints can only bend 90 degrees, this does not severely limit the model's mobility.

The waist's rotation feature provides another element of realism, but with some limitations due to the skirt armor panels. This is sensibly countered by pivotable front and side skirt armors, which allow for more flexible leg movement. However, the rear skirt armor's fixed position restricts backward leg movement. The ankles have a limited pivot/tilt mechanism, which adds to the model's stability and diversity of postures.

The gold-plated kit is generously outfitted with a broad selection of armaments and accessories, elevating its display and play value:
  • Dual Beam Saber
  • Beam Saber Hilts
  • "Hyakuri" Beam Rifle
  • Shield
  • "Shiranui" Space Pack
  • Effect Parts x 4
This mobile suit was designed by combining Orb's outstanding prototype technology with knowledge gathered while researching the GAT-X105 Strike Gundam and its Striker Pack system. The Akatsuki carries a variety of conventional weapons, including a dual beam saber, a CIWS mounted on the head, a beam rifle, and an arm-mounted shield. Its most striking characteristic is its gold-colored Yata-no-Kagami armor, which is reserved for Orb's nobility. This advanced mirror surface armor can intercept and reflect beam strikes utilizing the Akatsuki's sensors, rendering it essentially immune to beam weapons. However, it is as vulnerable to physical and melee attacks as any other mobile suit and requires the use of a shield.

The Akatsuki is designed to accommodate two separate backpacks for greater combat mobility, similar to the Striker Packs used by the Strike Gundam. The "Oowashi" Sky Pack prepares it for atmospheric flight, with two beam cannons and the capacity to convert into a support aircraft, akin to the ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam's Fatum-00. This configuration is referred to as the Oowashi Akatsuki Gundam. For space missions, the "Shiranui" Space Pack provides enhanced mobility and seven remotely operated beam turret units for both assault and defense. In this configuration, the mobile suit is known as the Shiranui Akatsuki Gundam.


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