Cosmo Fleet Special Mobile Suit Gundam UC Rewloola (Renewal ver.) - Release Info

Cosmo Fleet Special Mobile Suit Gundam UC Rewloola (Renewal ver.)
Release Date: June 2024
Price: 9,900 Yen

MegaHouse has once again raised the bar in the world of Gundam collectibles, announcing the Cosmo Fleet Special Mobile Suit Gundam UC Rewloola (Renewal Ver.), which will be released in June 2024. This masterwork, priced at 9,900 Yen, exemplifies Gundam's lasting popularity and ever-evolving craftsmanship. Fans and collectors who have followed the series since its inception in 2015 are in for a treat, as the Rewloola returns with innovations that push the frontiers of realism and detail in display figurines.

The Rewloola, a battleship introduced in the anime film Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack and in the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn OVA series, has been meticulously rebuilt for MegaHouse's "Cosmo Fleet Special" series. This renewal version upgrades the model with a little smeared paint job, adding depth and realism that closely matches the anime look. The use of waterslide decals adds to its realism, allowing collectors to appreciate the delicate details and markings that define the Rewloola's classic appearance.

The Rewloola (Renewal Ver.) is more than a figure; it's a work of art that encapsulates the essence of the Gundam universe. It's around 17cm(6.6 in) long . The replica includes a customized base meant not only for display but also for recreating memorable sequences from "Mobile Suit Gundam UC." The attention to detail extends to the inclusion of an in-scale MA Neo Zeong figure, a deliberate addition that enhances the collectible's storytelling capabilities. By joining the bases of the Rewloola and the Neo Zeong, fans may recreate the moment in which the Neo Zeong is towed to the bottom of the ship, bringing a piece of the Gundam story to life within their own collection.

Set Contents

The Cosmo Fleet Special Mobile Suit Gundam UC Rewloola (Renewal Ver.) set is comprehensive, offering everything needed to appreciate and display this iconic ship. The set includes:
  • A mini Neo Zeong figure, perfectly scaled to accompany the Rewloola.
  • A special base designed for display and scene recreation, enhancing the overall presentation.
  • Waterslide decals to add a personalized touch of realism to the figure.


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