CHOGOKIN: MSN-04FF Sazabi - Release Info

Gundam SIDE-F exclusive
Release Date: April 19, 2024
Price: 46,200 Yen

Chogokin has collaborated with the life-sized RX-93ff v Gundam statue at Gundam Side-F to release a precisely constructed die-cast action figure, which is a significant contribution to the Super Alloy (CHOGOKIN) line.

The figure in question, "MSN-04FF Sazabi," is currently on its way and boasts a plethora of luxury features that are sure to capture both enthusiasts and collectors alike. This Super Alloy series figure features sophisticated armor design with many shades of red, resulting in a visually rich and detailed appearance. Coupled with the robust feel of die-casting and an inventive head light-up gimmick, the figure exemplifies the brand's high-quality craftsmanship.

Die-casting, a CHOGOKIN series trademark, is used in the joints and verniers, among other components, to provide a mechanical texture and strong structure that adds to the figure's authenticity and appeal. The use of several shades of red, as well as smart markings throughout the figure, provide sophistication and detail, resulting in a visually rich appearance. The light-emitting gimmick on the head adds to the figure's appeal, representing the Super Alloy line's usual texture and practicality.

Furthermore, the high-quality figure includes a light-up gimmick for the head component, adding to the Super Alloy figure's impressive display.

Product Specifications

Height: Approximately 230mm (approx. 9 inches)
Materials: Die-cast, ABS, PVC

Set Includes:
  • Double Horn Funnel x2
  • Beam Shot Rifle
  • Beam Tomahawk
  • Beam Tomahawk Effect
  • Beam Saber Handle x2
  • Beam Saber Effect x2
  • Shield
  • Double Horn Funnel Blade Effect x2
  • Exchangeable Left and Right Hands (3 types each)
  • Stand
  • Weapon Holder
  • Double Horn Funnel Holder
  • Support Pillar x2
  • Support Pillar Base (2 types)
  • Display stand for Double Horn Funnel
  • Exchangeable Right Hand for Super Alloy RX-93ff ν Gundam
  • LR41 Batteries x3 (for testing)

The MSN-04FF Sazabi, a newly designed Sazabi that debuted in the short film "RX-93ff v GUNDAM from SIDE-F," occupies a unique position in the Gundam universe. This mobile suit serves as a narrative and technological bridge for the Gundam series, complementing the life-sized RX-93ff ν Gundam monument in Gundam Side-F. The Sazabi, piloted by the renowned Char Aznable, represents both the pinnacle of mobile suit engineering and a deep personal rivalry that spans the Gundam saga.

The MSN-04FF Sazabi was developed in response to a probable delay in Neo Zeon's worldwide cooling operation. This backup plan necessitated a mobile suit capable of exerting incredible power and versatility. The Sazabi was designed with Double Horn Funnels, a powerful pair of Psycommu weaponry intended to defeat the RX-93ff v Gundam's superior Long Range Fin Funnel system. These Double Horn Funnels represent a tremendous development in mobile suit weaponry, combining Mother Funnel's Psycho Wave Hub technology with the destructive might of hyper beam sabers and hyper mega particle cannons. The combination of these technologies allows the Sazabi to launch destructive attacks capable of annihilating groups of approaching missiles and posing a significant danger to enemy forces.

Char Aznable's piloting of the Sazabi against Amuro Ray in SIDE-F's RX-93ff v GUNDAM captures a battle of fates and ideas, with each pilot symbolizing the pinnacle of their respective sides' technological and strategic accomplishments. The Sazabi, with its Double Horn Funnels, represents Char's ambition to compete with Amuro on an equal basis, as well as the never-ending pursuit of superiority that drives the battle between Neo Zeon and the Earth Federation.

The design and capabilities of the Sazabi reflect the pinnacle of mobile suit technology at the time. Its all-range weapons system, when paired with the pilot's competence and the mobile suit's enhanced mobility, demonstrates the strategic depth of Gundam's military sci-fi story.


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