The Zodiac Gundam: Celebrating Chinese New Year with the Dragon Gundam

In a spectacular display of history and modernity, Beijing welcomes the Dragon Gundam, a stunning personification of the Chinese zodiac sign, to celebrate the Lunar New Year. This breathtaking installation, part of the "Zodiac Gundam" series, is currently on display at the Longfu Temple in Beijing, delighting all enthusiasts of trendy collectibles and Gundam.

The Dragon Gundam "Tatsu / Chen Long" designed by mechanical designer Mr. Kunio Okawara will be on exhibit at the Longfu Building, 95 Longfu Temple Street, in Beijing's Dongcheng District, from January 5 to February 29, 2024. This gigantic monument compliments the rest of the zodiac collection, which includes Gundam versions of the Pig, Rat, Ox, Tiger, and Rabbit, among others. This unique combination of sci-fi mech soldiers with traditional Chinese zodiac symbols creates an intriguing and trendy cultural fusion.

Visitors are encouraged to take photos with these legendary icons, capturing an unforgettable moment in this joyful celebration. The event also includes rare souvenirs like as 2024 Dragon Gundam chibi figurines, zodiac Gundam blind boxes, and other popular Gundam-themed items. Don't pass up the opportunity to get these unique Lunar Year gifts and participate in this fascinating combination of traditional culture and modern fandom.

Limited edition products relating to the occasion, as well as China's exclusive QMSV blind box collection series, will be available for purchase for a short time while supplies last.


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