Painted Build: 1/100 Gundam Astray Blue Frame (Full Weapon System) Ver. MB

MODEL TITLE: Blue Frame (Full weapon system) Ver. MB
MODIFICATION TYPE: custom paint job
KITS USED: 1/100 Astray Blue Frame Ver. MB

In the realm of Gundam modeling, creativity and enthusiasm are the driving forces behind the development of gorgeous and distinctive models. Mark Emil Yu of SRYU Mechanics has once again demonstrated his outstanding talent and dedication to the trade with his most recent masterpiece, the Blue Frame (Full Weapon System) Ver. MB.

Mark Emil Yu, the modeler, is a well-known fan of the Astray Gundam series, particularly the Blue Frame variation. His modeling philosophy is based on artistic expression, with each model serving as a canvas for his ideas rather than an assignment. Whether it's a third-party kit or an official release, Mark's attention to highlighting each model's distinct features is clear in his work.

The Blue Frame Ver. MB stands out for its elaborate custom paint job, which demonstrates Mark's skilled craftsmanship. The color scheme, the precision of the lines, and the attention to detail in the shading all add to a model that is visually appealing while also accurately representing the Blue Frame figure.

The modeler's talent goes beyond model creation. His photographic portrayal of the Blue Frame brings the model to a new degree of realism. The model is put in a scene that resembles a real-life maintenance bay, with a chain base serving as the backdrop. The smart use of lighting and the inclusion of maintenance equipment in the scenario bring the model to life, giving the impression that it is ready for action.

Mark Emil Yu's work on the Blue Frame Ver. MB demonstrates his passion for the Astray Gundam series. His approach to modeling, which emphasizes the beauty and story behind each piece, distinguishes his work. The Blue Frame Ver. MB is more than simply a model; it's a work of art born of love, precision, and a thorough comprehension of the Gundam universe.


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