HGCE 1/144 Mighty Strike Freedom Gundam - Release Info

HGCE 1/144 Mighty Strike Freedom Gundam
Release Date: May 2024
Price: 2,970 Yen

The world of "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM" is well-known for its compelling mecha designs, and the latest addition to this famous line is the Mighty Strike Freedom Gundam, which is now available as a high-grade (HG) model kit. This expertly produced kit brings the classic mobile suit to life with a slew of features and accessories sure to please Gundam fans and model builders alike.

Key features:

SEED Action System: At the heart of this model is the revolutionary "SEED Action System," an internal structure painstakingly designed to reproduce the dynamic action stances from the "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Series." This function ensures that the model is more than just a static display piece, but can also embody the series' fierce movement and battle stances.

Flexible Hip Joints: The hip joints have distinctive connecting shafts that allow for independent up and down swinging motion. This flexibility extends to the toes, which can stretch out and allow the model to strike a variety of dynamic poses.

Metallic Gold Parts: The Mighty Strike Freedom Gundam stands out for its dazzling gold parts, which were created utilizing a genuine metallic gloss injection technique. This substance greatly improves the metallic sheen, giving the model a magnificent and luxury image.

Movable Wing pieces: The wing pieces are not only individually movable, but also have a wide range of motion. Furthermore, the white wing may glide in eight different directions, allowing for the reproduction of its characteristic unfurled condition. The wings are further enhanced with 3D metallic stickers, which provide a luminous feel to the design.

Detachable "Proud Defender": This kit includes the "Proud Defender," which may be exhibited separately to demonstrate the model's adaptability and detail.

The "Futsunomitama" sword has two textures: The bundled sword, "Futsunomitama," is a standout, with two sorts of surface treatments that provide different textural expressions. This meticulous attention to detail enhances the weapon's depth and realism.

Interchangeable Forehead Cannon: The model allows enthusiasts to recreate the released state of the forehead cannon by replacing pieces, providing an extra level of personalization.

Waist Rail Gun with Expansion Feature: The waist rail gun can be enlarged to simulate simultaneous fire, increasing the dynamic possibilities for presentation and play.


  • Actual sword (Futsunomitama) x 1
  • Beam rifle x 2
  • Beam saber x 2
  • Grip for saber connection x 1
  • Beam shield x 1
  • Head parts x 1
  • Hand parts x 1 set
  • 3D metallic stickers

The HG 1/144 Mighty Strike Freedom Gundam kit promises to be a cherished addition to any Gundam collection, offering unparalleled detail, flexibility, and a wealth of accessories. It's a testament to the enduring legacy and innovation of the "Mobile Suit Gundam" series, continuing to inspire and captivate fans around the world.


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  1. Is this a good idea? Bandai is putting a lot of resources into likely dud kits while ignoring UC for a pretty long time...

    1. You mean making kits that are supporting one of the most popular (if not the most popular) Gundam films of all time? Yes, this is a good idea. You may not like SEED, but Japan loves it.

    2. Still waiting on the MG Age 3 Normal and FX they teased a decade ago. Still waiting for an X Divider. Still waiting on Delta Kai.

    3. This TBH. I think people still underestimate seed's popularity, especially in Japan. Strike/Freedom is probably the most overmilked gundam (lowkey all for it fwiw)

    4. "Likely dud kits" for a film that's currently making big bank at the Japanese box office, from sub-franchise within Gundam that's consistently been the most popular after the Universal Century. The Japanese will eat up Gundam SEED kits like candy, and the Mighty Strike Freedom will be no different in that regard especially after the showing it had in the movie. Hell, the movie managed to make the HGCE Destiny sell like hotcakes. . .

    5. It is a good idea, especially how it proved to be the highest grossing Gundam movies, beating Hathaway Flash the last Gundam movie by hundreds percent.

      And what do you mean ignoring UC? I think you're just being ignorant because Bandai released HG MSD GM in November.

    6. Gotta love people who make sweeping bold statements that don't hold up to any fact or scrutiny.

      As others have said, pretty sure Bandai isn't worried in the slightest considering the box office and the Cosmic Era being the second most popular timeline in Japan.

  2. OMG I am just about to go to work then I saw the new updates. The new SF really grew on me.

  3. Are on this HG, we get normal wing pack of strike Freedom? I heard on movie, there's strike freedom type II.

    1. Doubt they'd include the Strike Freedom's normal wings in this package, especially since the rest of the kit is basically a brand new molding. However, given the now universal backpack attachment points that Bandai uses for the HG kits, if you have the old HGCE Strike Freedom kit you should be able to swap the backpacks.

  4. This is the Strike Freedom Type II, the old Strike Freedom DRAGOON backpack is ditched and the Proud Defender unit replaces it.

  5. I love how it looks beefier than Strike Freedom and the Caldius beam cannon is now closer to chest area.

    It gives me the MGEX/MB vibe which are my favorite Strike Freedom styles.

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