GunPla Blog 13: Here's Hoping for the SEED Destiny Trio Kits This Year (2024)

I've been wondering how Bandai would handle the new designs for the SEED Destiny trio since they finished the Gundam SEED's trio in the Full Mechanics GunPla series. I really like how the Raider, Forbidden, and Calamity designs turned out, which gave them a lot more definition than their HG counterparts. Given that their HG counterparts are 20 years older, there's no justification for them not to progress anyway - who am I kidding?

In any case, since this year is SEED Destiny's 20th anniversary, I sincerely hope they don't hesitate to continue the Full Mechanics project. It would really lovely to see these trio displayed side by side with their SEED counterparts.


ZGMF-X31S Abyss Gundam

As part of ZAFT's Second Stage Series, a prototype transformable amphibious mobile suit called Abyss Gundam was created. It can change into a specialized MA mode for underwater fighting, and it is intended to use its MS mode for combat both on land and in space. 

In addition to giving the suit greater underwater combat capabilities than the other ZAFT amphibious mobile suits, the streamline-shaped MA mode helps to reduce water resistance. This allows the suit to move faster and more mobile in the water. Similar to the other units in the Second Stage Series, the Abyss Gundam is fueled by a battery that can be replenished by the Deuterion Beam Energy Transfer System during combat and features Variable Phase Shift armor, a new type of Phase Shift armor.

ZGMF-X24S Chaos Gundam

The ZGMF-X24S Chaos Gundam is a prototype mobile suit manufactured by ZAFT as part of its Second Stage Series. It is intended for fast and agile space combat and can switch between MS and MA modes. The suit is battery-operated in accordance with the Junius Treaty, although it can be refueled in combat by utilizing the Deuterion Beam Energy Transfer System. The suit is equipped with multiple CIWS weapons, a multi-phase beam cannon, two beam sabers, two beam claws, a shield, a beam rifle, and two mobile weapon pods. It also features a unique type of Phase Shift armor called Variable Phase Shift armor.

ZGMF-X88S Gaia Gundam

As a member of ZAFT's Second Stage Series, the Gaia Gundam, like the most of the MS in the series, has the ability to change into a mobile armor (MA) mode that is tailored specifically for fighting in a particular area. As the Gaia is designed for ground combat, its maneuverability mode (MA mode) is similar to that of the four-legged TMF/A-802 BuCUE, allowing for easy and quick moves on uneven or challenging terrain. The Gaia Gundam's primary mode of operation is close quarters combat, although it also has several long-range weapons to take down adversaries from a distance. The suit's two three-linked thruster-mounted wings, which also increase its AMBAC in space, give it excellent mobility.


Two years after the events of the first series, Gundam SEED Destiny picks up with Cagalli Yula Athha, the head of Orb, meeting again with Gilbert Durandal, the chairman of the PLANTs Supreme Council, to talk about building new mobile suits for the military group ZAFT. A group known as Phantom Pain, which is under the command of the terrorist group Blue Cosmos, takes three of them. Athrun Zala, Cagalli's bodyguard, teams up with Shinn Asuka, ZAFT pilot, to stop them. The battleship Minerva of ZAFT is given the mission to demolish a space colony's remnants during the conflict in order to keep it from colliding with Earth. They learn that the colony is being controlled by rogue ZAFT warriors with the intention of crashing it into Earth. 

Once word spreads that ZAFT soldiers were responsible for the colony colliding with Earth, a second conflict breaks out between the Earth Alliance and ZAFT, after the first attempt to destroy it fully fails. Orb, a neutral nation, is an ally of the Earth Alliance; it has also joined Blue Cosmos. As a result, Athrun returns to battle the ZAFT forces multiple times with the three factions.

The Archangel battleship intervenes in combat between ZAFT and the Earth Alliance side later on in the war. The Archangel steps in after Cagalli, who is allied with him, is unable to stop her nation from warring. Following Gilbert Durandal's command to destroy his friend Kira Yamato and the Archangel because he views them as adversaries, Athrun gets disillusioned. When Durandal portrays him as a traitor, he defected with Meyrin Hawke. The members of the Blue Cosmos take to space when Cagalli manages to reclaim leadership from Orb. Several PLANT space colonies are destroyed by the super weapon Requiem, which is fired by Lord Djibril, the leader of Blue Cosmos, killing a large number of people in the process. 

Lord Djibril is killed by the Minerva crew, who also manage to seize the Requiem. Next, Gilbert Durandal uses the Requiem to destroy anyone who opposes him and unveils the "Destiny Plan," in which a person's career or work will be determined by their genetic makeup. This puts Shinn and the Minerva's crew in direct opposition to the Archangel group. With the help of their allies and new mobile suits, Kira and Athrun vanquish the ZAFT soldiers and destroy the Requiem. Rey Za Burrel, one of Durandal's own supporters, murders him.

Both the original video animation and the final compilation feature extended the series' ending. The Earth Alliance, ZAFT, and the Orb Union convene shortly after Durandal's passing to negotiate an end to the conflict, with Lacus Clyne serving as the mediator. Kira and Shinn meet in person for the second time after fighting repeatedly in their mobile suits and make a commitment to work together for a brighter future.

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  1. I hope that Bandai can give as more Extreme Gundam & Others Series like Extreme Gundam Type Leos II , Extreme Gundam Type Exa Phase , Endless Waltz HGAC like the Wing Gundam Zero Hi resolution but in HG & Neo Bird Mode, IBO Urdr Hunt I hope that Gundam Marchosias or Hajiboroshi gets a 3rd form & A Calamity Wars ver of Gundam Bael in form of Type Leos II , Guren Seiten Hyper Energy Wings , Amazing Strike Freedom, Gundam Marchosias too, last a a New Upgrade for the Rising Freedom Gundam & Immortal Justice Gundam....

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