Custom Build: MG 1/100 Freedom Gundam "Weiss Skia"

MODELER: Cervantes Calibur (YOUTUBE)
MODIFICATION TYPE: kit bash, scratch built parts, custom details, custom decals
KITS USED: MG 1/100 Freedom Gundam Ver. 2.0, DL model Shadow Cloak Type II, Gundam Dynames Repair 3 Conversion Kit.

Cervantes Calibur, a renowned Filipino modeler, has once again showed outstanding talent and inventiveness with his most recent commissioned piece, "Weiss Skia." This masterpiece exemplifies the art of model kit modification, with a remarkable combination of kit bashing, scratch-built pieces, and bespoke features that take modeling to new heights.

Weiss Skia's base is the MG 1/100 Freedom Gundam Ver. 2.0, a popular choice among modelers due to its intricate design and strong framework. Cervantes Calibur has converted this base kit into something special with his innovative adjustments and improvements.

The kitbashing elements were created using parts from the Shadow Cloak Type II by DL model and the Gundam Dynames Repair 3 Conversion Kit. These improvements give the Weiss Skia a distinct look, combining several designs and components to produce a model that is both visually appealing and detailed.

One of the most impressive parts of this project is the conversion of the Freedom Gundam Ver. 2.0's inner frame to a metal frame. This improves the model's stability and durability while also adding an industrial appearance that matches the entire design. This meticulous adaptation demonstrates Cervantes Calibur's attention to both design and function, ensuring that Weiss Skia is both a work of art and a technical marvel.

The painting techniques used on Weiss Skia are similarly impressive. Some of the dark areas of the model have a marble appearance, which adds depth and texture that catches the light in interesting ways. This effect gives the custom model an unearthly aspect, almost as if it were carved from heavenly stone. Cervantes Calibur's work stands out for its level of detail and personal touch, demonstrating his ability to not only combine pieces but also bring them to life.

Weiss Skia represents the modeler's passion to his craft. It combines mechanical complexity and artistic expression, serving as a physical reflection of Cervantes Calibur's vision and expertise. For model kit builders, Weiss Skia is more than simply a model; it is an inspiration and a benchmark for what can be accomplished with imagination, talent, and a profound love of the art of modeling.


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