Bandai Hobby Opens a "Hobby Online Showroom" to Feature their Latest Product in 360 Degrees

Bandai, the renowned model kit company, recently developed a new online experience for both hobbyists and fans. Their official Bandai Hobby Site now has a dynamic showroom, a digital environment where fans may discover the latest Premium Bandai products. This virtual gallery displays a variety of completed model kits, giving users a complete 360-degree perspective of each kits, considerably improving the online browsing experience.

Currently, the online showroom offers an excellent selection of approximately 30 products. This collection comprises fan favorites from a variety of series, including Super Robot Wars, Mashin Hero Wataru, 30 Minute Missions, and, most notably, the GunPla series. This inclusion acknowledges the series' continued appeal and the company's dedication to catering to its varied fan base.

The showroom is not a static showcase, but rather a dynamic area. Bandai plans to update the digital exhibition on a regular basis, adding new products. This method not only keeps the content fresh and fascinating, but it also encourages readers to return frequently to discover the most recent updates.

In addition to model displays, the Online Showroom has a special art section. This section is a treasure trove for fans, with downloadable wallpapers featuring some of the Premium Bandai models displayed in the showroom. These high-quality artworks enable fans to transport a piece of their passion to their digital devices, honoring their favorite models in a new and accessible way.

Another notable component of the showroom is the personalize section. This sector is particularly appealing to modelers who appreciate modifying their kits. The Gundam F90 model is showcased with numerous equipment options from the Gundam F90 A~Z project. This section goes beyond simply displaying the models; it also includes links to tutorials and products. This amazing resource enables amateurs to not only imagine but also build their own personalized versions of the Gundam F90, bringing a sense of interactivity and engagement to the website.

Bandai's new online showroom represents a significant advancement in digital engagement for model kit lovers. By combining high-quality imagery, interactive features, and regularly updated information, the site aims to be a dynamic and engaging destination for fans all over the world. Whether you're a seasoned modeler or new to the hobby, the Bandai Hobby Site's showroom is designed to be your one-stop shop for everything Premium Bandai.


"Our vision at is to be the premier online destination for Gundam and GunPla enthusiasts worldwide. We aim to foster a vibrant, inclusive community where hobbyists of all skill levels can connect, share, and grow. By offering a platform for sharing tips, techniques, and creative builds, we strive to celebrate the artistry and innovation inherent in GunPla building. Our commitment is to provide a space that not only showcases the world’s greatest hobby but also inspires and supports the next generation of modelers in their GunPla journey."



  1. this is weak af.... not really like a full 3d model like you would expect in 2023 but some 1998 thing where they just took photos from 8 angles and spliced them together....

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