"Unveiling 'THE GUNDAM BASE TOKYO ANNEX': A Spot for Gunpla Enthusiasts and Tourists Alike at DiverCity Tokyo Plaza!"

The latest store addition, "THE GUNDAM BASE TOKYO ANNEX," part of the official Gunpla comprehensive facility "THE GUNDAM BASE," is set to open its doors on Friday, December 22nd, situated on the second floor of DiverCity Tokyo Plaza. Admission is free.

Located adjacent to the life-sized Unicorn Gundam statue at the festival plaza on DiverCity Tokyo Plaza's second floor, "THE GUNDAM BASE TOKYO ANNEX" will primarily feature an assortment of Gunpla and Gundam memorabilia. Among the offerings are exclusive items such as the "Life-Size Unicorn Gundam Statue Big Size Acrylic Stand" and the "[STRICT-G] Life-Size UC Gundam Statue T-Shirt TOKYO Red/Green," along with various other limited-edition collectibles.

To celebrate the opening of the new facility, the Gundam Base will be selling limited merchandise which include the following:
  • 15 cm Unicorn Gundam Ver. TWC Acrylic Stand - 1,980 Yen
  • FriXion 3 Slim RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Ver. TWC - 1,100 Yen
  • Coffee Bottle (Perfectibility) - 3,960 Yen
  • Strict-G life-sized Unicorn Gundam Statue t-shirt (red / green versions) - 4,730 Yen each (sizes from M ~ L)
  • Strict-G life-sized Unicorn Gundam Statue t-shirt "TOKYO" text (red / green versions) - 4,730 Yen each

Step through the doors of The Gundam Base, and you're greeted by an awe-inspiring array of Gundam plastic model kits, commonly known as Gunpla. These meticulously crafted models stand as a testament to the rich heritage of the Gundam franchise. From the classic Mobile Suit Gundam series to the latest iterations, the shelves are adorned with an extensive collection that spans the entire Gundam universe.

What distinguishes The Gundam Base is its embrace of creativity and innovation. It's more than just a display of assembled model kits; it's also a place where Gunpla builders can practice their craft. The facility has facilities where visitors can build their own Gundam models under the supervision of qualified specialists. This hands-on experience cultivates a greater appreciation for the artistry that goes into each kit.

The Gundam Base isn't just about browsing shelves lined with models; it's an immersive experience. Life-sized Gundam statues, meticulously detailed and imposing in stature, dominate certain areas, invoking a sense of wonder and nostalgia among visitors. These colossal figures serve as iconic landmarks within the facility, inviting photo opportunities and becoming symbols of the Gundam legacy.


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  1. I guess they ran out of space in the main store. I can't wait to go there next year :)

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