T.M.Revolution's 'FREEDOM' Single Limited Edition to Include HG 1/144 Freedom Gundam [Polarized Clear]

Fans of the "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" series are in for a treat with the release of Takanori Nishikawa's cooperation with t.komuro on the single "FREEDOM." This musical composition, which is set to enter participating stores in Japan on Wednesday, January 24, 2024, promises to be a significant addition to the Gundam music history.

The single is available in two distinct editions, each with its own set of tracks and collectible accessories to appeal to the diverse preferences of both music fans and Gundam fans.

To begin, the Limited Production Edition provides a comprehensive bundle for fans at a cost of 6,000 yen (tax included). This edition contains three fascinating tracks: the title track "FREEDOM," a thrilling "FREEDOM - Movie Edit," and an enticing "FREEDOM - Instrumental" rendition. Furthermore, the captivating inclusions set this edition apart: an exclusive Original Gunpla (HG 1/144 Freedom Gundam [Polarized Clear]), meticulously crafted to commemorate this release, and an assortment of four distinct "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM" patterned jackets, adding a touch of uniqueness and collectability to this limited edition offering.

Where to buy? shop.tsutaya.co.jp

The Regular Edition, on the other hand, at 1,300 yen (tax included), is a more affordable alternative for enthusiasts looking for the essence of "FREEDOM." This edition includes the critically praised track "FREEDOM," as well as another compelling piece titled "Believer." Both songs also have instrumental versions, allowing listeners to explore deeper into the musical complexities of these pieces.

Where to buy? shop.tsutaya.co.jp

Takanori Nishikawa and t.komuro's collaboration has generated excitement among the Gundam community, since the song "FREEDOM" reflects the spirit and soul of the beloved "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" franchise.

With its special collecting artifacts and unusual musical compositions, this release not only remembers these acclaimed performers' musical prowess but also serves as a collector's dream. Whether the opulent Limited Production Edition or the streamlined Regular Edition is chosen, both versions promise an immersive excursion into the aural realm of "FREEDOM," providing a glimpse into the relationship between music and the enthralling universe of "Mobile Suit Gundam."

As the release date approaches, fans and collectors alike are eager to get their hands on this musical jewel, which is sure to become a prized asset among Gundam fans and music aficionados worldwide. Prepare to embrace the "FREEDOM" symphony and embark on a musical journey that pays homage to the eternal legacy of "Mobile Suit Gundam."


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