P-Bandai: HG 1/144 Zaku High Mobility Surface Type (Danan) - Release Info

P-Bandai: HG 1/144 Zaku High Mobility Surface Type (Danan)
Release Date: March 2024 (2nd Batch Release: June 2024)
Price: 2,750 Yen

This model is based on one of the five Zaku units that, per Danan Rashica's specifications, the Southern Cross Corps used following Cucuruz Doan's desertions. Because of its connection to the narrative of "Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuruz Doan's Island," this 2,750 Yen kit is an exceptional contribution to the Gundam universe.

One important model in this series, Danan's Unit, is specially equipped with a Zaku machine gun and a heat hawk. This set-up honors Danan's odd fighting style, which is known for its cunning and unconventional strategies, such the skillful application of the heat hawk. Danan's Unit is unique among collectors and lovers of mobile suits because of its tactical adaptability.

The MS-06GD Zaku High Mobility Type (Surface Type) is a high-efficiency land combat mobile suit. The attachment of thrusters to its legs and waist allows it to move at high speeds, primarily via hovering, which improves its mobility and combat efficiency on the ground.

The model is molded in brown and comes with camouflage water slide decals to match the concept of the "Brown Southern Cross," providing both visual appeal and tactical benefit in land-based operations. Although it has the same molds as the previously published Zaku High Mobility Surface Type, Danan's Unit distinguishes itself with its accessories, and equipment, highlighting Danan's personal customization.

Danan was a wild and erratic member of Zeon's Southern Cross Corps, having probably joined the group after Cucuruz Doan, the previous leader, deserted. Despite this, Danan dreamed of being able to battle Doan and was aware of rumors as well as his present comrades' love for him despite his acts. But Doan's captain, Egba Alter, would become enraged with him for his incessant remarks about the player.

Egba, Danan, and Selma Livens would unintentionally come upon Hayato Kobayahi and Kai Shiden's RX-77-2 Guncannons once the squad deployed, but they would soon engage and defeat them. Doan's Zaku II eventually enters the battle and stops Egba just as he is about to complete Kai's Guncannon. In a frenzy of anticipation, Danan would charge Doan to witness his legendary ability for himself.

Doan is able to dodge Danan's machinegun and matches him with the Heat Hawk despite having only a Heat Hawk and a slower Zaku II than Danan's High Mobility Type. Danan, who is still overcome with joy at being able to taste his opponent's abilities, is eventually taken out by Doan.


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