P-Bandai: HG 1/144 Zaku High Mobility Surface Type (Sangho) - Release Info

P-Bandai: HG 1/144 Zaku High Mobility Surface Type (Sangho)
Release Date: March 2024 (2nd Batch Release: June 2024)
Price: 2,750 Yen

According to Yun Sangho's specifications, this one was based on one of the five Zaku units that the Southern Cross Corps deployed following Cucuruz Doan's desertions. One of the Zaku High Mobility Surface Type's most notable qualities is its increased ground fighting potential. It can move quickly and hover at very high speeds because to the additional rockets on its legs and waist. On the ground, its swiftness makes it a dangerous opponent.

In keeping with its moniker, "Brown Southern Cross," the model is primarily painted in brown camouflage; in this instance, camouflage decals are included with the kit to depict this portrayal. This is useful for land operations tactically as well as adding to its aesthetic appeal. This model line offers collectors and enthusiasts a degree of customization and individuality with each unit's distinctive color patterns and weapons.

Equipped with a Zaku machine gun and a heat dagger, Sangho's Unit is a conventional variant in this line. The excellent mobility and tactical advantages of its series are still present despite its standard equipment. The unit is a flexible addition to any collection because of its harmony between speed, armament, and finesse.

Yun, like the other members of the Southern Cross Team, was formerly under Cucuruz Doan's command before he abandoned Zeon. Subsequently, under the leadership of Egba Atler, the squad would cover allied soldiers in Casablanca, holding off the Federation army on their own. The squad is dispatched to look into the agent and the ballistic missiles concealed beneath after M'Quve's agent on the island of Alegranza doesn't reply.

As luck would have it, the squad would come across White Base forces. Egba would then give the order for Wald Ren and Yun to go underwater to the base while the rest of the team attacked the enemy. Yun kept scanning the base as Wald left his unit to run the control panel for the rockets. Unintentionally, he discovered the RX-78-2 Gundam concealed behind a curtain. Its beam saber entered his cockpit, killing him before he could protect himself.

Danan and the other members of the team are ordered to the front at Casablanca, where they hold the line against the Federation forces by themselves. After their victory, General M'Quve in Morocco gives them orders and dispatches them to Alegranza because the operator of the nuclear missile base there is no longer able to communicate. At first, Danan believes the task is beneath them, but he quickly changes his mind once Wald Ren implies Doan might be the one at fault.


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