Gunpla Option Parts Set 04 (Build Hands - Round) - Release Info

Gunpla Option Parts Set 04
Release Date: June 2024
Price: 660 Yen

Discover a whole new world of expressive action with this Round Finger Type Hand Parts Set, which comes in three convenient sizes (S, M, and L) to suit your modeling requirements.

Enhance Your Model's Expressiveness with Round Finger Type Hand Parts Set

Extensive Hand Variation: This set includes two sets of possibilities, each with three different left and right hand parts. Across the three sizes (S, M, and L), these variations include fists, flat hands, and weapon holders, for an astonishing total of 36 hand components.

Perfect Posability: In situations where a weapon isn't available, fists are crucial for dynamic combat positions. Additionally, the flat hand sections allow for a variety of hand positions, and the weapon holders ensure that your model has an abundance of weapon possibilities.

Versatile Wrist Articulation: Take use of the flexibility and articulation that comes with being able to move your wrists to create a variety of stances while arranging your preferred action sequences.

Easy Weapon connection: To enable easy weapon integration, the set comes with a 3mm diameter saber grip and a 4mm x 2mm weapon grip, which guarantee a stable and secure connection of weapons to the hand parts.

Included Accessories:
  • Hand Parts S (3 types x left and right) x 2 sets
  • Hand Parts M (3 types x left and right) x 2 sets
  • Hand Parts L (3 types x left and right) x 2 sets
An abundance of possibilities are available with the Round Finger Type Hand Parts Set to enhance the expressiveness and adaptability of your models. This kit gives enthusiasts the ability to construct dynamic and compelling displays, giving their collection of models more depth and personality, thanks to its easy weapon attachment system and variety of hand sizes and variations.


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