GunPla - How It's Made?

GunPla is an abbreviation for "Gundam Plastic Model." It refers to the plastic model kits based on the Gundam series' Mobile Suits, or mecha robots. With these model kits, fans and enthusiasts may build and customize their own Gundam robots.

Bandai, the firm behind Gundam, manufactures GunPla in a variety of grades, scales, and levels of complexity. GunPla kits are available in a variety of skill levels, ranging from simple snap-together models for beginners to more complicated kits that require further assembly and painting.


This is a summary of the general process used to make them:
  • Design and Planning: The process starts with the creation of the Gundam model's intricate designs, sketches, and digital blueprints by knowledgeable engineers and modelers. Choosing the model's scale, articulation, component separation, and general aesthetics are all part of this process.
  • Prototyping: Using computer-aided design (CAD) software and 3D printing technology, prototypes of the model parts are made after the basic design is finalized. Testing the model's functionality, finding any design problems, and making sure the components fit together properly are all aided by prototyping.
  • Molding: In order to manufacture the different parts of the model, molten plastic is pumped into precise molds during the injection molding process used in the production of GunPla. The completed prototypes serve as a guide for the creation of these molds. The molds are usually built from strong metals and undergo thorough machining to ensure precision.
  • Injection Molding: Hot, highly pressurized plastic pellets, frequently in various colors, are injected into the molds. The purpose of the molds is to mold the plastic into the appropriate shape for the model's limbs, torso, weapons, and accessories. The model kit's parts are then formed as the injected plastic cools and solidifies.
  • Quality Control: Following molding, the pieces go through quality control inspections to make that the required levels of precision, color, texture, and structural integrity are met. Accepted pieces continue in the production process, whereas defective parts are discarded.
  • Distribution and Packaging: Following quality control inspection, the parts are packed with installation manuals, decals, stickers, and occasionally extra accessories. After that, retailers—both physical and online—receive the packaged GunPla kits to sell to customers.
  • Assembly: GunPla enthusiasts and hobbyists buy these kits and put the pieces together by following the directions. Assembling a kit may include snapping the parts together, adding extra painting or customisation, and attaching stickers or decals for detailing, depending on how complicated the kit is.
Precision manufacturing methods, stringent attention to detail, and quality control procedures are used throughout the production process to guarantee that GunPla kits offer enthusiasts and fans of the Gundam series a fun and fulfilling experience.

Here's a video by Gundam Info, featuring how GunPla is made.


The Bandai Hobby Center, situated in Shizuoka, Japan, is a major center for the research, development, and production of Bandai's plastic model kits, notably GunPla (Gundam Plastic Models). Bandai Spirits, a part of Bandai Namco Holdings, is the company that owns and runs this facility.

Important roles and pursuits connected to the Bandai Hobby Center consist of:

  • Model Kit Development: At the center, talented engineers, designers, and modelers collaborate to create brand-new plastic model kits. Before going into mass manufacturing, they take care of the design, prototyping, and testing of different model kits to guarantee quality and accuracy.
  • Testing and Prototyping: The facility tests new model kits using state-of-the-art equipment and technology. This entails building prototypes, evaluating their articulation and utility, and making sure the components fit together properly.
  • Manufacturing and Production: The Bandai Hobby Center is engaged in the injection molding process, which involves the creation of molds, quality control inspections, and guaranteeing the uniformity and caliber of the kits that are manufactured.
  • Quality Assurance: Prior to the model kits being put on the market, the center makes sure they adhere to stringent requirements for correctness, color, detailing, and structural soundness.
  • Research and Innovation: In order to improve the caliber and allure of their model kits, Bandai regularly invests in research and innovation at the Hobby Center. This involves investigating new materials, technologies, and design strategies.
  • Visitor Center & Events: The Bandai Hobby Center occasionally welcomes the public for special events, exhibitions, or factory tours. These opportunities give fans and visitors a behind-the-scenes look at how models are made and a sneak peek at upcoming releases.
In order to continue producing and developing Bandai's plastic model kits while upholding the high standards and inventiveness that have made GunPla and other Bandai model kits well-liked by collectors and enthusiasts throughout the globe, the Bandai Hobby Center is essential.


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