GFY Will Exhibit the riding robot "ARCHAX" and the quadrupedal ride "SR-02"! Test Ride Will Also Take Place

The quadrupedal ride "SR-02" and the boarding robot "ARCHAX" will be on display at the "GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA" (GFY), which is home to the full-scale "moving Gundam" exhibit. For ARCHAX, the exhibition will run from Saturday, December 16 to Sunday, December 24, and for SR-02, it will run from Saturday, December 16 to Sunday, December 17.

Image sources from left to right:
ARCHAX - Tsubame Industry Co., Ltd.:
RX-78F00 - Gundam Factory Yokohama:
SR-02 - Asratec Co., Ltd.:

The purpose of this presentation is to unveil the directors' next task, which they will take on in the "Gundam Global Challenge," a life-size "moving Gundam" development project.


The SR-02 is a vehicle (ride) that can move by walking on four legs and is mostly an entertainment robot. The present prototype robotic vehicle has a total length of roughly 3.6 meters, a total width of approximately 2.0 meters, a total height of approximately 2.7 meters (when walking), and is capable of walking with four people on board. It is capable of walking (forward/backward/right/left turns), bending and stretching movements for people to get on and off, rolling, and pitching, and it employs the V-Sido control system.

Asratec's V-Sido robot control technology allows the robot to move in real time and is sturdy enough to prevent it from falling over when subjected to sudden impacts or on unstable ground. It is applicable to a wide range of robots regardless of shape, size, or actuator type, and it is also distinguished by its great versatility, such as the ability to move robots from multiple devices (interfaces).


The ARCHAX was intended to give the world the dream experience that many people have always wanted: to board and operate a giant robot that looks like something out of a science fiction movie. Japan excels at the aspects required for riding robots, such as anime, games, industrial machinery, and automobiles, and they want to provide the world with ''This is Japan'' items that combine these ideas.

ARCHAX intends to develop a whole new market for riding robots, with the luxury sector, such as ultra-luxury cars and private aircraft, serving as a model for our products. Their primary consumers are wealthy individuals, and they have begun accepting orders not only domestically but also internationally.

A demonstration of the robotic vehicles will als be taking place during the exhibition period, so make sure to stop by if you're in Japan!


A massive moving Gundam monument serves as the focal point of the immersive attraction and entertainment complex known as The Gundam Factory Yokohama. This facility, which is situated in Yokohama, Japan, allows guests to interact with the well-known Mobile Suit Gundam.

Key features and highlights of Gundam Factory Yokohama include:

A life-sized statue of the RX-78F00 Gundam: A full-scale model of the original Gundam from the venerable anime series, is the main draw. This monument of Gundam is around eighteen meters tall and can move, mimicking some of its well-known movements with a variety of mechanics.

Explore the Gundam Dock: A place that offers insights into the engineering and mechanics of the enormous Gundam monument, for yourself. This area provides instructional and behind-the-scenes information about the building of the Mobile Suit in addition to showcasing the device's internal operations.

Events and Exhibitions: The space holds events, exhibits, and exhibitions pertaining to Gundam lore, history, and goods. A variety of interactive displays, concept art, and Gundam models are on display for visitors to interact with.

Merchandise and souvenirs: Fans and guests can purchase a variety of Gundam-related merchandise, including model kits, clothing, accessories, and collectibles, from the stores at Gundam Factory Yokohama.

Gundam lovers may view the astounding size of a life-sized Gundam and learn more about the engineering behind this legendary Mobile Suit at the Gundam Factory Yokohama, where they can have an immersive experience. The goal of the attraction is to provide a setting where guests may interact with the Gundam universe and understand its cultural relevance.


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  1. Japan will undoubtedly reach the stage where their military will be made out of mobile suits one day. Maybe not as advanced as in the anime, but certainly enough to rule the battlefield.

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