BN Metal Works Tatsu Gundam - Release Info

BN Metal Works Tatsu Gundam
Release Date: January 2024
Price: 269 yuan (about 38 USD)

Bandai China and Piececool, a renowned metal puzzle business, have officially announced the release of BN Metal Works Tatsu Gundam in a unique cooperation. Designed by Kunio Okawara, this release was created specifically to commemorate the Year of the Dragon, giving a unique twist to the Zodiac Gundam series.

The highly anticipated BN METAL WORKS Tatsu Gundam will be released on the eve of the Spring Festival, celebrating the 2024 "chén lóng" Year of the Dragon. This model distinguishes itself as the first metal completed model product in the Zodiac Gundam line, displaying a fusion of classical elements and modern design.

The BN Metal Works Tatsu Gundam costs 269 yuan (about 38 USD). This price point makes it an affordable collector for both Gundam fans and metal model hobbyists.

The composition of this metal model demonstrates its complexity. It is made up of 378 pieces scattered across 6 metal sheets and requires skill and time to assemble. The finished product is 120 mm in length, 102 mm in width and 158 mm in height, making it a compact yet spectacular display piece.

The BN Metal Works Tatsu Gundam is notable for being a fixed and non-posable metal model. This feature highlights the model's precise design and craftsmanship, making it a one-of-a-kind addition to any collection.

Assembling the BN Metal Works Tatsu Gundam necessitates the use of tools, which adds an interesting challenge for builders. This requirement corresponds to the model's intended demographic of enthusiasts who enjoy the laborious process of building metal models.

Finally, the BN Metal Works Tatsu Gundam exemplifies Bandai China and Piececool's unique teamwork. Its release not only honors the Year of the Dragon, but it also adds a new dimension to the world of metal model building and Gundam collectors.


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