Two Fan-Voted Gundam Series Gets Free Streaming During the Gundam Fan e-Festival

The 50-episode (1999) Turn A Gundam anime series and the (2019) 5-episode anime film series version of the Gundam Reconguista in G receive votes from Gundam fans in the United States to be streamed for free on the Gundam Info YouTube channel during the Gundam Fan e-Festival, which takes place from November 23rd to December 10, 2023.

Both titles were helmed by none other than the Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino.

The Gundam Fan e-Festival also announced that all of the Gundam Build Fighters title series will be available for free streaming throughout the event, in honor of the Build title series' tenth anniversary and the successful run of the most recent installment, Gundam Build Metaverse.

Turn A Gundam (free stream region locked to USA)

Loran Cehack, a lunar Moonrace member, is sent to Earth as a scout in preparation for his people's return to their mother world. Earth's leadership, however, has assembled a militia to keep these aliens from taking over their territory. With their obsolete biplanes and fighting vehicles, the Moonrace invasion and its enormous walking robots render the people of Earth absolutely defenseless. Loran then discovers a space-era relic—a mobile suit known as Turn A—and becomes the militia's only hope on Earth.

Gundam Reconguista in G  (free stream region locked to USA)

Earth's energy source, photon batteries, are carried down from space via the Capital Tower, which is guarded by the Capital Guard. During his initial practical training session, Bellri Zenam, a cadet of the Capital Guard, assists in repelling an attack by pirates and ultimately aids in their capture. He senses an enigmatic connection with the imprisoned girl Aida and discovers that he can somehow turn on the high-tech mobile suit that she refers to as her "G-Self." Set in the Regld Century, which follows the end of the Universal Century, the adventures of the boys and girls lead them straight to the truth about the universe.


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