Metal Robot Spirits Command Gundam and Beret Gundam Squad - Planning Stage

Tamashii Nation 2023 exhibit features some new Metal Robot Spirits high quality figure entries, albeit these entries are still in the planning stage and tagged as "display only" until a final manufacturing decision is made.

The featured figures are the Command Gundam, with the Green, Red, and Black Beret Gundam Squad from the SD Command Chronicles series.

SD Gundam Command Chronicles is a subseries of the SD Gundam franchise. Characters in this branch are military, with Gundam characters divided into air, land, and sea forces and redesigned accordingly. Was largely available as model kits in the Ganso range.

Command Chronicles, like earlier SD Gundam series, is set on a single planet that acts as a stand-in for a real-world nation. While Musha Gundam is typically associated with Asia (Japan, China, India, etc.), Knight Gundam is associated with Europe, while Command is associated with America. This is emphasized by the characters' use of random English and their resemblance to the 'trigger happy' picture of Americans seen in many action films from the 1980s and 1990s, such as Rambo.

This behavior is frequently exaggerated for humorous purposes. In one mini-comic, the Gundams are portrayed having to leave their now-destroyed country and dwell in deep space after a mission to stop a nuclear launch goes wrong.

Musha Gundam, Knight Gundam, and Command Chronicles were later combined to form the foundation of SD Gundam Force.


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