METAL BUILD EW454F Ootori Striker Pack [Alternative Strike Ver.] - Release Info

METAL BUILD Ootori Striker Pack  [Alternative Strike Ver.] 
Release Date: March 2024
Price: 15,400 Yen

Tamashii Nations announces the release of the Ootori Striker Pack (Alternative Strike Ver.) in the high-quality Metal Build figure series. The expansion pack is compatible with most mobile suits in the METAL BUILD Alternative Strike series.

The Ootori Striker Pack first appeared in the HD remaster of the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny anime. It is originally equipped by Cagalli's MBF-02 Strike Rouge.

This striker system gives additional firepower and mobility to the mobile suit it is equipped on. It is equipped with two sets of three missiles that are mounted on the bottom wings, all can be launched at once to perform a missile barrage.

The Ootori Strike Pack also carries a large anti-ship sword stored on the right side of the unit and a missile launcher on the left side. A railgun is mounted on the bottom left, firing solid projectiles and deploying onto the left shoulder when activated.

A beam launcher is mounted on the bottom right of the Ootori Striker and is the suit's most powerful long-range beam weapon. It is positioned under the right shoulder when in use.

METAL BUILD has categorized the expansion pack under the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom film.


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  1. So they are re-releasing the OOTORI by itself instead of with the Rouge. But claiming its brand new and "in planning" despite it already existing. Very interesting

    1. It looks like this one has a few differences from the Ootori that comes with the Strike Rouge. This one is a little more detailed and has some improvements in proportions, particularly on the missile launcher.'s still not brand new. They're redesigning something that already exists instead of making a kit of something new. I agree, this is strange.

    2. Would have been really nice to get a new Metal Build figure of a much needed Gundam or Mobile Suit in general. Or even a different pack compatible with 00 or Seed, depending on what universe they wanna do. I personally think we need a BIG Metal Build or Fix Figuration Metal Composite. Like a Sinanju, Sazabi, Perfect Zeong. Maybe even a Pyscho Gundam or Destroy Gundam

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