HG 1/144 Gelgoog Menace (Lunamaria Hawke) - Release Info, Box art and Official Images

HG 1/144 Gelgoog Menace (Lunamaria Hawke)
Release Date: March 2024
Price: 3,190 Yen

The universe of GunPla has been rocked by the appearance of the Gelgoog Menace from the beloved film "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM." This High-Grade (HG) model kit is more than simply a collectible; it's a feat of design and engineering that brings the legendary mobile suit to life.

Revolutionary "SEED Action System"

The Gelgoog Menace is powered by the unique "SEED Action System." This interior structure was specifically designed to emulate the dynamic and distinctive action poses featured in the "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Series." Whether it's mid-flight maneuvers or ground combat stances, this system ensures that your model is more than simply a static display piece, but also a tribute to the Gelgoog Menace's versatility and agility.

Dynamic Wings and Arsenal

The Gelgoog Menace's wings are not just for show; they are fully moveable. This function enables enthusiasts to position the linear gun and missile launcher as if they were lunging forward into battle. The attention to detail in these components heightens the ominous aspect of this mobile suit.

Amazing articulation

This model's distinguishing feature is its excellent range of mobility, particularly in the shoulders. This articulation allows the Gelgoog Menace to comfortably wield its railgun with both hands, a stance that fans of the series will recognize and appreciate.

Close Combat Readiness.

For melee combat, the Gelgoog Menace is equipped with a Beam Naginata. This weapon is more than just for show; it includes a handle for storage and can be simply installed on the model's back skirt armor, ensuring your Gelgoog is always battle-ready.

Innovative Beam Shield

The Gelgoog Menace's defensive capabilities are enhanced by a beam shield that uses "polarization molding." This feature is not only visually appealing, but it also allows modelers to swap pieces to mimic the shield's storage and deployment states, giving another layer of realism and functionality to the model.

Natural poses Despite Massive Form

Despite its formidable and enormous appearance, the designers made sure that the Gelgoog Menace could strike natural stances, such as kneeling. This component displays the exquisite design and thought that went into each joint and panel of the model.

Meticulous Detailing

The attention to detail extends to the coloring of the little pieces, which are color-coded according to the molding color. This meticulous detail ensures that even without painting, assembling the Gelgoog Menace produces a pleasant, visually pleasing finish that is consistent with the mobile suit's appearance in the anime.

The Gelgoog Menace HG model kit comes packed with accessories to enhance its display and play value:
  • Beam Naginata x 1
  • Beam Rifle x 1
  • Rail Gun x 1
  • Beam Shield x 1
  • Joint Parts x 1
  • Seal x 1
These components ensure that whether you're a long-time Gundam fan or a newbie to the world of GunPla, constructing and displaying the Gelgoog Menace is a fun and rewarding experience. The Gelgoog Menace HG model kit is a must-have, with outstanding design, realistic articulation, and an accurate reconstruction of one of the most memorable mobile suits from "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM."


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