MGEX 1/100 Strike Freedom Gundam [Midnight Coating Ver.] - Release Info

MGEX 1/100 Strike Freedom Gundam [Midnight Coating Ver.]
Release Date: May 2024
Price: 4,200 Yuan ($575 USD)

Bandai China has made a stunning statement, introducing a new model of the MGEX 1/100 Strike Freedom Gundam for the Chinese market. This special edition model, known as the "Midnight Coating," will be available exclusively at Tmall and JD Bandai flagship stores. Pre-orders for Gundam will begin on October 31, 2023, so mark your calendars.

The "Midnight Coating" version of the MGEX 1/100 Strike Freedom Gundam is distinguished by its all-black and silver accents. This unusual color gives the vehicle a sense of elegance and excellent quality, distinguishing it from other models. While some fans expected a deactivated mode, there's no doubting that this design has a remarkable aesthetic appeal.

The "Midnight Coating" variant is distinguished by its sleek black inner frame. This color scheme not only enhances the model's overall elegance, but it also complements the black utilized in other components of the kit, resulting in a unified and visually appealing piece.

In a departure from the regular sales procedure, Bandai China has decided to make the "Midnight Coating" MGEX 1/100 Strike Freedom Gundam available via a lottery system. This approach lends an exclusive touch to the already distinctive model. The winners of the lottery will be contacted personally by the participating flagship stores and given instructions on how to purchase this limited edition model kit.

The introduction of the "Midnight Coating" version demonstrates Bandai's ongoing creativity and commitment to providing unique and high-quality items to its fan community. As pre-orders open, Gundam fans in China will undoubtedly be excited about the opportunity to add this special model to their collections.


Bandai Spirits has once again lifted the standard for Gundam model kits with its Master Grade Extreme (MGEX) series. The MGEX line is the pinnacle of model kit design, capturing the "EXTREME EXPRESSION" of Mobile Suits (MS) through unique themes. This series represents the culmination of Bandai's superior technology and an amalgamation of various materials, setting a new benchmark in the field of Gunpla.

"Metal Expression" in Gunpla

The MGEX series pushes the limits of metallic expression with its "EXTREME METALLIC COMBINATION," which employs six separate processes to generate unmatched metallic finishes in the internal frame. This includes:

Three Types of Special Plating: The kits include parts in three different plating colors, which improves their visual attractiveness.
Two Metallic Part hues: In addition to plating, many sections are painted in two different metallic hues, which add depth and contrast to the model.
Etching Stickers: These stickers provide realistic metallic effects to the sculpture.

A Simulated MS Experience

Building an MGEX kit is similar to constructing a genuine Mobile Suit. After building the gold inner frame, builders join outer armor elements in a technique similar to MS manufacture.

The MGEX range uses transparent parts and designs that leave greater gaps between armor sections. This design decision emphasizes the internal frame and the complicated multi-layered structure that becomes visible when the pieces move.

Advanced Articulation and Style

The MGEX kits have the greatest number of interconnecting moving pieces in MG history. These kits combine advanced movement and style, blending armor pieces with the gold internal frame to create a dynamic, organic look.

Articulation Gimmicks and Features:
Head Movement: Three movable axes in the head, plus a joint at the neck's base, allow for a wide range of motion.
Arm and Torso/Waist Articulation: Implemented with roll axes and enhanced flexibility for natural poses and reduced unnatural gaps.
Toe and Leg Articulation: Four movable joints in the toes and sliding armor parts in the legs for smooth movement.
Interlocking Mechanisms: Unique gimmicks in the armor and verniers that move in conjunction with each other.
Ankle and Wing Gimmicks: Ankle covers that move with the foot, and wings with multi-axial movements for various poses.

Weapons and Accessories
MGEX kits come with an array of armaments, each featuring numerous gimmicks:

Long Range Beam Rifle: Transformable to recreate different modes.
Xiphias 3 Rail Cannon: With unfolding gimmicks and adaptable waist sections.
Beam Shield and Super Lacerta Beam Sabers: Offering multiple configurations, including a combined weapon.

The MGEX series, with its original design and superb craftsmanship, offers fans to witness the "EXTREME EXPRESSION" of Gundam model kits. This line not only represents the pinnacle of Gunpla technology, but it also provides a unique, immersive building experience that goes beyond the limitations of standard model kit creation.


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